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Jason Law

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"The Blood Moon.."

Shot in the Skys over Queenstown NZ

Not something you see every night around here.. and definitely worth waiting for a glimpse thru the heavy cloudy skies..

No doubt there will be hundreds of versions of this photo popping up over the next day or so..
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This capture is really cool... Just before... Spectacular!
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Jason Law

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Shot at Milford Sounds, Fiordland

A truly magical morning in Milford, fresh show on the mountains and a clearing storm make for a special time at dawn..
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Jason Law

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Some great photography tips here on nature photography.. 

Sexy Shots
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Jason Law

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"Willow and Toi Toi.."

Shot at the Blue Lake, St Bathans, Central Otago, NZ

First light, back lights a single Willow tree and a group of flowering Toi Toi on the shores of the Blue Lake.. Even thou I was blinded by looking into the sun, I thought there was a shot to be had in the still water.. By underexposing the scene.. I was able to capture something that I couldnt see with my own eyes.. and I ended up capturing one of my favourite images from my Maniototo Trip as a result of my hunch..
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Awesome image, beautiful work!!!
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Jason Law

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From Beneath it Came...

Shot at Moeraki, Otago Coast, NZ

Shooting the Moeraki Boulders at low tide can be quite an interesting proposition.. Without the flowing water about that you often see in images of these boulders, it was time to search for other interesting features on the nicely bare beach.. On this morning, the sand had very cool textures in it, and having been there since first light, there were no foot prints on it thankfully.. It made the boulders look as if they had risen out from beneath the sand..

Always nice to come away from a shoot with an original image on a very well photographed location.. 
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Glad to see, that there a no footprints from others. On wich time do you took this photo? Is it 5:35 am?
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Jason Law

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My First STOLEN image..

Guess that means I am doing something right!!!.. hmmmmmm

Yep.. kinda knew this day would come.. amazing what some people do online these days and claim credit for it.. talk about a comical interpretation courtesy of photoshop!!!!... lol

Worth checking out the site to see if you can spot other photographers whose work has been butchered.. :)
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amazing how similar the milky way looks in each of this guys photos :)
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"Beneath the Blankets of Heaven.."

Shot this morning in Queenstown NZ.. 

I am very blessed to be able to capture shots such as this from my home here in Queenstown.. This morning was one of those mornings I woke up early at 5:45am and decided there wasnt going to be much happening so I dozily rolled back into bed, only to wake up to a bright red room and a few expletives!!.. This Landscape Photography gig definitely keeps you on your toes..
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Beautiful. Isn't NZ awesome?!?
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Jason Law

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"A Golden Moment" 
Shot on Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown NZ

Its been a slow summertime sunset season here in Queenstown this year.. Generally summer time is the best time for those epic skies here in Queenstown.. and this year the weather seems to be in either a blue bird state, or just not wanting to play ball with those special summer time sunsets I know this place does so well.. Ive constantly got my eye out on conditions, unfortunately there hasnt been any special light of note (that I've seen!!).. So here is a special moment from the past for you to all enjoy instead.. 
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That is some incredible light! Great capture!
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Jason Law

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"Stillness in the Night.."

Shot at the Blue Lake St Bathans, Central Otago

I was woken whilst sleeping in the back of my car by the half rising moon at 3am.. so I decided to get up and setup a 35 minute star trail shot at the edge of the blue lake.. The night was so still that the reeds in the foreground hardly moved during the 35 minutes it took to capture this image.. 
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Beautiful view, wonderful work!!
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Jason Law

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Against the Flow...

Shot at the Lower Mcleans Falls, Catlin Coast, NZ.. 

I had eyed up this composition on a previous trip to Mcleans Falls and wasnt happy with my finished result, so I was looking forward to reshooting it upon my return to the Falls this past week,.. However the flow of water from the previous days rain was ALOT greater than anticipated.. It took about 25 minutes to set up my tripod in the flow of the river and work out the best access to my tripod setup with my camera in hand.. 

My large steel tripod was at full extension and was about a foot above the water line.. It was well braced and wasnt going anywhere.. the next trick was keeping the spray off the rather large 14-24mm Nikon lense.. 

I spent about 45 minutes in the river shooting three compositions in this area at various focal lengths.. This one shot at 19mm felt the best.. It was fun sitting braced against two rocks waiting for windows in the mist cloud to shoot a few exposures at a time, listening the the water rushing past, watching the branches sway in the wind caused by the waterfall.. It is in these moments photography becomes a form of meditation.. The photograph created is mearly the fruit of taking the time to appreciate the moment..
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Hi All, My name is Jason, I am a Landscape photographer based in Queenstown New Zealand... I am a photography fanatic and will often be out shooting this beautiful world of ours when ever I can... 

Based in Queenstown New Zealand gives me access to some of the most amazing light I have ever seen, that helps me on my journey of life.. The camera is a portal into a world many of us do not see, and I love to share my experiences with you all.. 

Feel free to comment or chat on anything I post, every one has an interesting story to tell.. 

Hope you are well, and thanks for stopping by.
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