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Jason Kerney
The love of programming, games and family.
The love of programming, games and family.

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The problem with brilliance is it blinds.

A function is pure
Its actions matter little
I can rest my head

Conversion with Dillon Kearns

Does anyone know of any companies that specialize in taking resumes and removing, sex, age, and race information for other companies?

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Unless you are asked to interact with someone of lesser skill then you, an interviewer knows nothings about your emotional intelligence.

Unless given a technical problem you do not understand, the interviewer knows nothing about your research and learning skills.

Unless your where asked to program something in front of the interviewer they know nothing about your technical knowledge.

One of the big problems in programming is so few ppl know how to tell an experienced programmer from are inexperienced one.

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The Thoughts of a Spiderweb

"Save the data save the world" Farzaneh
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