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So I decided to check this place out from across the river... gonna try to go back tomorrow and go inside.  Doubt there's much of anything in there, but that's curiosity for you.
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Nicely done. There actually is a lower level that peaks my curiosity. 
Heh, that abandoned paper mill has been a popular spot to check out or party at for EMU students since at least the mid-1980s when I was there! Back then, there was a nasty Section-8 ghetto apartment complex across the street & N a block or two, some of its savages used to hang out at the old ruins & mug naive EMU students -- hopefully that complex has been bulldozed.

There was someone inside taking pictures yesterday, I may go back to check the other side out today.  Didn't have time yesterday, I was late to my daughter's karate class trying to get these shots.
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