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The truth behind most success is often messier than it seems. We all do our best to draw a little harmony out of chaos.
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It's definitely perception driven, but it's messy since it's the ones putting things into action and being willing to fail to work towards the goal of their success. :)
Yep. It's much more messy than most people admit.
You're over-simplifying the reality... :~)
That's hizibizi success! And yes. That's how the success looks like.
Lance G
Nice! Reminds of a quote from a book I just finished reading:

"So do we encourage people to fail so they can grow? No, we encourage people to grow, which means they will fail."

How many of those squiggly curves were invaluable mistakes and failures? 
Cool! I abhor negative vibes. That's why I take " failures" merely as a challenge. As a voice telling me , "Go on..try one more time, you're just few steps away. " :)
Ah ha!! The truth has finally been revealed!!!!
This is so true! Thanks for the simple explanation!
Reminds me of the image of a swan on a lake. On the surface so peaceful and graceful. Below the surface, paddling like hell..... lol Thanks for the share +Jason Keath
I believe this is from Demetri Martin.
The Wollknäul to success!
For me success is staying healthy all the way! 
Great visualization....will be incorporating this as ALL my students can understand the mess in the middle
Ahhh yep. Looks about right!@TweetwillHall
I guess i'm stuck somewhere in die middle... seems there is a kind of loop in it...
Also known as delicious ambiguity. 
kamal S
ya thats true
Elegant!  I've found you at Social Fresh. Hope to connect.
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