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I had a great time yesterday afternoon with the Pittsburgh DCCRPG group. I've got the great privilege to be able to play with some amazing folks and excellent Judges. Here's my newbies experience with Bride of the Black Manse. It's Stroh-tember!

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I'm sure Hero Kids is old hat for the lot of you by now, but I decided to write up a recent Hero Kids session in my inaugural blog post. I've been inspired by this group and I wanted to share with some fellow geek parents.

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I feel welcome to the Dungeon.

I have always toyed with the idea of playing DCC but never actually had the opportunity to play until this past weekend at GenCon 2017. I ended up rolling through Sailors of the Starless sea with 7 other strangers and a wonderful judge and enjoyed every minute of it. We emerged victorious thanks to Hank "the Tank" and his compatriots. As an MVP prize, I even somehow managed to snag a copy of the limited edition 2017 printing of the adventure signed by +Harley Stroh for my troubles.

I immediately went to the booth and bought the hardcover rulebook and am now trying to figure out how I can make it to a local meetup here in Pittsburgh to play some more. I've got the fever and I can't wait to play some more.

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Looks like I'll have a few extra games for Tabletop Day this year.  Huge sale going on Amazon right now.
Many popular games are available today with free prime shipping! Just in time to get stocked for Tabletop Day!

Store Link:

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Lots of games on an Amazon B2G1 Free sale, good time to stock up for tabletop day!
Take already low amazon prices, grab two games, and get a third for free! Tons of popular games available!

Store Link:

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Great game to play with kids or with beers.  Hard to pass up at less than 10 bucks.
Loopin' Chewie is currently 62% off at $9.99 (FS with Prime, MSRP $25.99) A blast for up to three, this dexterity game can't be missed at this price.

Store Link:
BGG Rated: 6.7 BGG Link:

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Looks like a pretty good price for Spyfall on Amazon this morning!
Spyfall is currently an Amazon Low 20% off at $19.99! (FS with Prime, MSRP $24.99) Definitely hard to find this one for less than 20 bucks in stock!

Store Link:
BGG Rated: 7.4 BGG Link:

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I came across this the other day and figure you lot might enjoy it. My noobs are still a little too green to play this so I'm saving it in my back pocket for a rainy day. Would love to hear from anyone who has tried it.
[EN] Creature Cards
[EN] Creature Cards

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More deals on some great games. Definitely worth posting this pretty comprehensive list. These past few weeks have been painful on my wallet.
Cyber Monday shopping starts early on Amazon! Many games near lowest tracked prices! Complete list with links below.

7 Wonders -
Asara -
Battle of -Westeros
Betrayal at House on the HIll -
Bootleggers -
Castle Panic -
Codenames -
Colt Express -
Dead of Winter -
Dominion -
Fistful of Dinero -
Five Tribes -
Flash Point Fire Rescue -
Hobbit Deck Building Game -
Hobbit Unexpected Journey -
Hungry Higgs -
Illusio -
Iron Kingdoms: Kings Nations & Gods -
King of Tokyo -
Lagoon: Land of Druids -
Lord of the Rings Deck Building Game -
Lost Temple -
LotR: Return of the King Deck Building Game
LotR: Two Towers Deck Building Game -
Machi Koro -
Munchkin Deluxe -
Pandemic -
Patrician -
Resistance -
San Juan -
Sheepland -
Sheriff of Nottingham -
Smash Up -
Takenoko -
Trains -
Zombicide -
Zombicide Season 2 -
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