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    ONLY in NEW YORK CITY!! Best Panhandling Stunt EVER?????!
If you've ever ridden the NYC subway ( or any subway for that matter) You will really enjoy this! I just wish Id been on this train when this happened!

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That midget, "we lost the lion"  This is well done, life would really be like this if we really let it out
OMGosh, that was awesome! Hahahahahaha!!! :0)
Ive watched this 4 times now! Still funny!
Hahaha! Only in New York City. Nicely choreograph.
Hahaha, yep... only in NY!! That is just great!
Boy....only in the brick city
Love it's
It's funny because is true :-\.. I see this every day.. Hey at least no one was asking money for condoms lol
I can't stop laughing!!! Hilarious! Thanks for sharing:)))
I want to know what everyone's favorite parts were!! ( I have mine )
It starts off slow and I almost turned it off, but I stuck with it and it was totally worth it. Great fond +Jason Joseph
+Heidi Crist yeah I loved them! hahah Second morgatges are HARD! hahahah
But I loved the Wall St Listen up dic%heads! LOL haaaaaaaa too much!
+Scott King dude Im a lil hurt hahah... dont ever doubt me! hahah I only bring the good stuff in life! :)
Hahah I figured as much.. or I hoped haha
Still got much love for my hometown. Hilarious.
I once saw a guy get on the train filthy.. wearing a Christmas Tree Air Freshner around his neck... I kid you not..
I love new york LOVE ❤ H A P P I N E S S ☺
This is whacked out!  People in L.A. don’t beg like that - they’d be laughed of the train.
Thats so spot on! Thank you for sharing! 
Im so glad everyone is having a good laugh! Its healthy! hahah! 
OK SHOW of HANDS for those who watched this MORE than once!??
OMG So Funny.  I needed that laugh today.  Thanks for sharing.
really i got sad when these things ,,,,, wish allah help them ,,,, i <3 to help them .<3
Seen a lot of stuff.. dance troupes coming on and bands.. 
the 'smile, it wont mess up your hair guys' ... i saw 2 women fight and 1 had a baby/stroller... but got off before it got bad. I saw some guy hit another guy in the head as he got off...
Good clean humor! Does bring a smile to the face....!
That was hilarious, just great. I work in the transportation industry and I see this all the time, but not all at once.
That's what I call sense of humor. Awesomely made! 
This is a shame! They want luxuary but they can't payup!!!!
I'd love to see something like this over here in Paris :D
Thanks for the laugh first thing in the morning. Love it.
Yes! Great mok!
Good to laugh at the everyday thing that got us all tired sick of putting up with it
OHHH MANN!!! That is the Funniest EVER!!!!
Ryan Ng
This, my friends, is what New Yorkers have to put up with every other day...
Man this is wild.I laugh so hard and I hope all of those people who was there had a good day.
That was kool..that would keep it safe and humorous for people that have a long ride home..
That would have been fun! Every day life should be so interesting. 
Zeno C
Freakin awesome creativity!............Congrats
It's true though. People up to their heads in debt really are poorer.
I dont realy know whats going on in this footage it sort of looks like on of thoes your on cannded cammra things i cant here it im at libary and the computeers dont have sound.
I love that you dont even have to WATCH this video! All you have to do is LISTEN to it and its still funny!
Really funny, no doubt it made the journey faster :)
Thanks, that was funny. Must share
Just watched it I needed that to make laugh it put a smile on my face. It is true they do come in droves it can be annoying .
I stumble across this every day on my way to school
E and F train 

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