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Jason Joseph

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Tremendously Insightful Article on Lighting a Scene.
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A Glimpse at the Renound +ES AUDIO Recording Studio Owned and Operated by +Jammin Jo in #burbank   #California ! This is Where Hits Are Made! Everything From Disney Classics, to Rockers like Guns n Roses Steven Adler, and Rappers like Brandi, Can Trace Their Notes Back to the Microphones in These Rooms!
If youre a recording artist...and you're in or headed to #LA  they have everything you could ever need! Fully staffed and loaded with amenities. Tell em I said hi!
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Thanks +Jason Joseph:)  And, +Brian McDonald, you need to get #Kitty  on an Airplane and fly her out to Hollywood, so we can make her the next star of #YouTube :)  haha:)  She's already the Star of #GooglePlus #Hangouts!:) 
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A HISTORIC MUSIC Event Happened Today!
+Aerosmith played at The Whisky a Go Go in Los Angeles on the famous Sunset Strip! With +Slash !!!  
They had not played on that stage since 1973 !
The Whiskey is an American Rock n ROll cornerstone with acts such as Van Halen and Motley Crue getting their start their! Its stage has seen the soles of the #Converse  and boots of the likes of Van Morrison...Heck The Doors were their house band for a while!! If that doesnt tell you the importance of this place and IT'S place in history then I dont know what will!
Wikipedia it .. its a rad spot!
HERE is today's performance:
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Tre cool indeed...
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Jason Joseph

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Like TO EAT? Who Doesn't! Get a Book of Recipes For a Dolla!
+The Saucy Pig Book countdown promo!!!

Link to the book is here:

One of the recipes is pictured below: Whiskey Braised Mini Chicken Tacos Many many more like this!

Starting this Monday morning at 6:00 AM EST The Saucy Pig Cookbook is only..... wait for it....


That is 84% off of the regular price of $5.99! That only lasts for 33 hours, and the price goes up a dollar, and does so every 33 hours until April 14th it returns to full price. 

What will you get for this tremendous deal? 
- Over 45 original recipes
- Every recipe comes with a high-res photo
- Directions are numbered for easy reading
- Every recipe features either bacon or booze, or both as an ingredient!
- Sides, appetizers, and main courses galore!
- Free to borrow via Amazon Prime!

I'm hoping with this promotion to reach the top of the book category that it is in, and I could use your help! Please get a copy, gift one, or borrow it from Prime. 

Happy cooking!
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Jason Joseph

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Awwww...too many people allergic, in our house, for us to have a cat but I miss having one—love 'em! Fluffy is an adorable name. :-)
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Jason Joseph

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If You've Not Yet Seen These...
Take a look. They are lush. Gorgeous images. The still life is my absolute favorite. 
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Excellent, thanks for sharing it.
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Jason Joseph

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Making Salmon In the Dishwasher Tonight!
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A Letter From Kurt Vonnegut to Some Students Who Wrote to Him
Don't read it if you don't want to learn an incredibly spot on life lesson...
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I'm curious to know if they followed the advice...
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Jason Joseph

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Typical NYC Street Performance
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NYC photographer I specialize in people I travel well ॐ
Please visit my website for more of my work:

I was born in N.Y.C.  in a borough, lots of trees, lots of exposure to the city. Balance.

My three earliest memories:

  • Emerging from the Battery Tunnel with my face nearly pressed against the windshield gazing up at the Twin Towers, with the sense that anything in the world was possible.
  • Exploring my family’s massive music collection and feeding the turntable everything from Dean Martin to Black Sabbath, Eric Clapton to Yes.. to Zappa.. back to Billy Joel. Kung Fu Fighting was my first noted favorite song.
  • Using the camera my aunt bought me on my 8th birthday to take photos of my friends. Waiting for film to get back from the lab was only surpassed by the angst of waiting for Santa each year. I was hooked.

I learned to play guitar a bit, learned to play the drums… a lot. Can’t play the violin no matter how hard I try. I went to a really really cool… really really really expensive N.Y.C. art school. Yawnnnnn. Moved to Florida….lived on the beaches of two gorgeous islands.. slept on the sand every full moon. Worked for people who had bigger cameras than me…. ran around on film sets… impressed a few directors.I watched those twin beauties I’d gawked at, face pressed against the windshield as a lil guy with a cap gun in my back pocket…..crumble. I decided, things that make you say wow… whether they are the things that do it to you at 8 years old.. or the things that do it to you at 38 years old…. are the only things that matter… and that everything, and everyone matters…..Moved back home to New York, to make wow… wow for kids from 8 to 108. I shoot in digital.. I dig film. I really dig wine. I believe life can be surmised as vibrations. Light, music.. you, me… all just vibrations. Positive or negative….just vibrations. I put more hours into work than I’ll admit to you.. or likely bill you for… it’s not work… it’s personal. I have no food allergies, love camping and the great outdoors…. can wield a kayak like an Eskimo. I travel well. So does my gear. I’ve broke bread with some really rad international celebrities, some textbook ‘cool’ people, and I’ve spent the night with the homeless people in Penn Station (recently) no camera, just me and the brethren of people who make their home there, bonding. I cherish neither experience more than the other.

  • School of Visual Arts
    Commercial Photography
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July 14
A Photographer, born and bred. Camera in hand at 5 yrs old. My own camera at 8. Schooled at S.V.A. in N.Y.C. Believes every frame is a privilege. Come on in ... stay a while. Say hello. I come in peace. I travel well. Adding to circles? Im interested in : Art, Music, Wine, Food, Design, Science, Photography, Comedy. Please also add my Business Page On Google+ Jason Joseph Photography. Say hello, share what you like, and keep in touch! If your "Hangin-out" shoot me an invite.
    Photographer, present
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