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As a kid we had our own well and I could not make sense of starting to see small bottles if water in stores. I can see the convenience bit I can't fathom how a local water supply can be "privatised" ethically. 
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It's not as sentimental and USA-centric as Food Inc. :)
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Jason John Wells

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Cars keep improving but progress with the network has been pretty slow.
They look beautiful, but they could also save a lot on streetlight power.
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Ah, it's just the markers and paint that glow in the dark. Was wondering where they'd get enough tritium (or whatever) to make the asphalt  actually glow. Another black mark for headline writers ;-|
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Cool demo.
We're sorry for yesterday's mix-up with two great Pi projects and our introductions to them. This really is Jasper: open-source voice computing with Raspberry Pi. All you need is a microphone, a speaker and a Pi; this is an impressively well documented platform, and we reckon we'll see people building some interesting new functionality.
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His writing is a hell if a ride.
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Jason John Wells

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If a corporation can be a "person" under the law than why not give right to Earth as well?
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Looks like a New England company found a heated air blower was cost effective snow removal.  Perhaps such a machine could work in a real winter as well :)
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Hmmm, I need to try this. Any way of speed reading with Org-mode I wonder?
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I thought Vi users had the most bad-ass browser extension in Vimperator  but I am happily proven wrong.  Have you tried KeySnail?   #emacs   #firefox  
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Well that's convenient!   I love green tea.  My wife is from the macha tea capital of Japan and I like me some loose leaf or powder.

Drinking green tea could give your brain a powerful boost, according to a new study from the University of Basel. Participants drank either a plain soft drink or one spiked with green tea extract, then took a test of working memory. Not only did those in the green tea group perform better on the working memory test, but brain scans also showed increased connectivity between brain regions. According to the study’s researchers, these findings suggest that drinking green tea could improve brain plasticity and working memory — at least in the short term. Do you already drink green tea, or would you be willing to start after learning about the cognitive benefits? Share this post with friends and let us know in the comments. 

Read more here:
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