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69 Mustand Convertible - Engine last cranked about 2009.

Photos are the best I can get with my phone. Includes extra set of seats rear seats.  I have a set of Mustang Bullet Wheels with tires ( to be sold seperately. Contact me with any questions or an offer.

Currently have 3 parties interested in the vehicle.

Warranty Number: 9R03F104896
Year: 9 1969
Plant: R San Jose, CA
Body Series: 03 Convertible
Engine: F 302 2v V8
Unit: 104896 104896

Engine Casting Number: D10E-6015-AA
D: 1970's
_1: 1971
O: Tornino Engine
E: Engineering Department
No 289 were built after about 1968.  This is a 302

Jason Husbands

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It seems at one time I could edit my auto awesome movies.  However, the edit option (the pen in the lower left corner) is now grayed out and I can no longer do so (like change music, etc).  What am I doing wrong?  Was there and update that changed the ability to do so?
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+Michael Garoutte I found that I had some "suggestions" when I went to create one. Try that. Click the + and select movie. See if you have anything there.

But they should have explained this change so we knew how to continue to do the things we like. 
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Jason Husbands

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Matador Network: How to piss off a Texan.

Jason Husbands

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Popular Science: Algorithm Reveals Link Between Sour Cream And Traffic Accidents.
Visualizing the unexpected correlations that surround us

Jason Husbands

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Daka daka...wuuut?
Yay!  Just bought my my Moto X from Best Buy for the Verizon Wireless Network utilizing Motomaker!  It is designed and processing!
Motorola Mobility, owned by Google, makes Android smartphones and Bluetooth accessories to keep people connected.
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Got mine on att as I was impatient and could wait! I also have an olive back with metallic yellow accents. You'll love it. Welcome +Jason Husbands
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Jason Husbands

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I am looking for the MotoX Gen 1 original clear case. It does not appear they sale them like that anymore?  Basically the clear case looks like this (, but does not have the college themes - it's plain and clear. Is there a good, simple, clear case subsitute for the MotoX Gen 1 if the original is no longer available? Thanks all.
Designed by me with Moto Maker.
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Jason Husbands

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Over the last month or so, I have suddenly been seeing these icons take the place of some of my photos and videos on google+ desktop after autobackup from my mobile (Moto X). They cannot be view G+ desktop.  The photos and videos on my mobile are fine and auto backup states everything is backed up. Any thoughts on how to correct this issue? I want these to appear properly on G+ desktop.
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No. But since three people share the same problem on separate devices I would guess the problem is in the other end: at Google. 
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Jason Husbands

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If your feeling kinda down...well...wuuuuuuuuuuuut?

How long did it take from the time to designed and submitted your moto x via motomaker to the moment you received it in your hands?

I am at the end of my 5th business day and no updates....been in the "assembling" stage for 5 days now.
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So, my motomaker designed moto x ha been in the "we're assembling it" stage now for 4 days.  Out of curiosity, I looked in to the Moto x US assembling factory and found this.
The Moto X is a return to form for Motorola, and it represents the first device it has produced from start to finish as a Google company. But while the Moto X is a good smartphone in its own right,...
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Jason Husbands

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Forget not the meager beginnings...
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MW2 is the game that got me into gaming as a kid. Didn't have a clue about the tabletop or lore - just saw it on a shelf and thought it looked awesome.
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Incredible price. Other companies wanted to charge me 2x to 4x (yes 4x!!) more! Staff was very friendly. Installation was professional and completed in under an hour.
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