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Looks like +Dell is planning to produce a developer-centric notebook computer with an +Ubuntu 12.04 image preloaded with select development packages.

At first, I can barely manage a "meh" on this one. A one-size-fits-all box for software development? How does that differ at all from simply buying a XPS 13 and installing the packages yourself? Turns out Dell will be cooking up some custom tools for the machine image.

"As mentioned above, the actual “stuff” on the install image is pretty basic, instead we are working with a few developers to put together a tool that can go out to a github repository and pull down various developer profiles. The first profiles we are targeting are Android, Ruby and JavaScript."

"What I’d like to see is not only a gold-standard configuration, but also a meta-system to manage your developer configuration… The devops revolution is about configuration as code. How cool would it be if my laptop configuration were code that I could store in a source repo somewhere?"

What do you guys think? Is there any point in a one-size-fits-all development box? And if so, is that niche already adequately filled by the MacBook [Air|Pro]?

ISO image download:
List of preinstalled packages:
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Personally, I can't imagine developing on a laptop. I'm finding compile times to be too long already on a good workstation.
I always like it when it comes with Linux, because it means I'll be able to find drivers.
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