Just a random thought, based on questions I get from time to time from current Android users. Usually goes something like this:

"I'm seriously considering switching to (X) platform. My (ancient Gingerbread device) is horrible."

First, believe me when I say that I am absolutely not one to give a blanket recommendation that folks stay away from any platform that isn't Android. If iOS or Windows Phone or... whatever truly satisfies what you are looking for, then by all means, it's the right choice FOR YOU and that should guide your purchase decision. I will be the first to admit that there are some things that Android does brilliantly, some not so much. Same for iOS and Windows Phone. They all have great qualities, and some of those are enough to make that decision easy for an individual.

But from someone who's used the crap out of every iteration of Android starting with Eclair, I can tell you that considering a switch from Android to another platform based on a 2+year old device that stopped receiving updates, and is by comparison completely antiquated hardware by today's standards, is essentially masking what is a much DIFFERENT Android than anything you've experienced thus far.

The difference between a Thunderbolt running Gingerbread, for example, and HTC's current Android goodness the Droid DNA, is pretty much night and day. Not to mention devices two years ago sported hardware that was QUICKLY outspec'd mere weeks after release in some cases.

Nowadays, for the same price as that Thunderbolt was, you get quad-core, 2GB memory, full HD screen, crazy battery capacity.... and on and on. It's going to be more and more difficult for hardware manufacturers to outspec their devices at the rate we've seen in the past. More incremental, but nothing that will push your device out of being "current" nearly as fast as in the past.

But beyond just the specs, the big thing you get with new devices right now, is a completely improved experience in Jelly Bean. It's the kind of thing that you don't know how much better it's gotten until you actually experience it for yourself.

I suppose what I'm trying to say is using your two year old broken ass device running Gingerbread as a reason to eliminate Android from your next purchase decision is really sheltering yourself from what is an incredibly matured platform. Two years has done A LOT to Android. And I say that with pride. I've always seen flaws in Android, but JB has done SO MUCH to address much of my past complaints. Many of those complaints are, I'm pretty sure, reasons why you might consider overlooking Android for your next device.

I realize I do an Android show, which by most accounts would lead people to believe that I'm a follower in blind faith. I'm not. But I do see Android as being about as powerful of a competitor from a UX perspective AND a hardware perspective, than we've ever seen before. And not considering that for your next device is quite frankly shooting yourself in the foot.
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