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Photosphere of the TWiT Brickhouse Studio during MacBreak Weekly. I really need to get myself out to the Grand Canyon or something a bit grander and far away. The stitching on things that are close to the camera isn't quite perfect.
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I was totally stuck in that screen. Epic.
Can't pan in a full circle.  I had this issue too until I realized that taking the photo by spinning around in a circle at each level was the best way to make these.  Just like a spiral.
Really cool effect, tells much more than a panorama
Nice!! I wonder if store owners will be able to use this for "store view" instead of having to hire someone.
Woah. Panning around that here in G+ is really cool.
Also, Jason, what were you standing on, or are you just that much taller than everyone else there?
Are you on 4.2 w/the Galaxy Nexus yet? A particular ROM or just using the back-ported camera app?
I'm so glad I'm not the only one having trouble getting bad artifacts, especially indoors. Looks great +Jason Howell!
is spin cam on android?  it seems to work good but need a viewer to see photos.
Stitching is still a bit flaky I agree.  There is a bit of technique involved with each photo.  Angling and such.
Stitching works best with static subject material. The brickhouse couldn't sit still long enough.
Heh, Graeme!  And Jason, nice pano!
Awsome Jason, well done and thanks for another peek into the TWIT Brickhouse
pretty cool, cant wait to get my hands on a nexus 4! thats if i can actually sell my galaxy s2..
+Jason Howell in order to get the best results and minimize parallax errors, you want to spin the phone around a vertical axis that goes thru the lens (nodal point).
Looks good! I really enjoyed visiting the brick house in June. 
+Fabrice Roux do you know how hard that is on a mobile phone camera?

I haven't had one Photosphere come out like the Googlers have been showing off, not even as good as +Jason Howell 's have turned out!
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