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Soooo... You know how we talked on +All About Android a few weeks back about what it really means to "brick" your device? And how people sometimes think they've bricked it when in actuality they probably just haven't found the right solution?

... I actually think I've successfully bricked my wife's Kindle Fire. nervous laughter.

To the point where it won't even power on. ick. (yes, battery is charged full)

In a strange way, I feel like this is a bizarre rite of passage.

In another completely different way, I just want it to work again. In the end, if the worst thing that happens is I have to buy her a new tablet, it's possibly the best time for this to happen. She never used her Kindle Fire to this point (ok rarely used it). And with the fabled Google Tablet coming out (hopefully) soon, I'd just get her that one instead.

Anyways. Here's how I did it:

Any insight welcome.
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I'm writing this "comment" because +1 does not seem to quite fit your post !
youre sure it is not just a temporary bricking?
Congrats! +Jason Howell You've earned your cred as an official geek. You can't bake a cake without breaking some eggs. ٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶
Well, I hope you're wrong and find a way to unbrick it. I've thought several times that I bricked my Hero but it's always come back to life... so far...
Yes +Mike Evans with the first step being loading the custom bootloader then recovery onto it. I think this happened around the point of loading the bootloader onto it. As far as I can tell anyways.

I see now what I did. The Bootloader command should have been:
fastboot -i 0x1949 flash bootloader u-boot.bin

The first time I tried that, nothing happened. I eventually unplugged and rebooted my device then replugged.

The next time I entered what should have been that same command, I left out the "-i 0x1949", a command that is meant to be there UNLESS you already have FIREFIREFIRE installed (which I did not at this point).

That command was successful, however and I, without thinking, decided the process was done and rebooted... into nothingness.
and by rebooted, I actually mean turned it off then attempted to turn it back on... nothing happens. Not even after 20-30seconds of holding down power. Zilch.
It looks like you tried to fastboot flash a .zip file shouldn't that be an .img file?
It kinda sounds like you overwrote your recovery partition and/or boot loader. Find out if the nook has a jtag interface, it might be possible to crack it open and write a stock rom directly to it. If you're insanely lucky the device might have a factory reset pin that puts it into download mode (don't get your hopes up, I haven't seen this in any android device yet) . Just a warning, getting any modern table/phone cracked open is a bit of a challenge.
Well crap +James Bagley That's it. Frack. Not sure how I missed that stupid step. :/

No wonder the flash didn't take the first time. It's not a fracking img file! Der.

Oh well, you live n lern.

+Pat Wendorf This is when having nothing but Macs makes doing things like this way more difficult. Now I have to coordinate a PC (work) and some time to take apart the unit to do this. But thank you SO MUCH for this helpful guide. This looks like an almost guaranteed way to get in again.
+Jason Howell same problem at my place. I had to learn to use Heimdall instead of Odin for the dangerous hacks. Good luck getting it back.
PS. So much for having a Kindle Fire with games from the Android Market on the flight tomorrow. HA!
+Jason Howell Don't give up yet. I have a Kindle Fire myself and thought I had bricked it when flashing the recovery as well. I couldn't even get the device driver to load in windows to access the device through ADB. Then I found Kindle Fire Utility from Vashypooh on XDA which saved my life. As long as you can still load the device driver it SHOULD still be recoverable. Good luck!
+Jason Howell what guide were you following? and what ROM where you going to use?
Nevermind. Funny. When I look at it IRL I didn't see it. Only once I took a picture of it and sidebysided it with the target pic did I find the area. :)
Hope you get it back to life.
+Jason Howell I bricked my epic touch a couple weeks ago. I had it running an alpha cm9 and it was giving me problems so I tried to do a cwm restore to a gingerbread and boom, bricked. I've been rooting since the g1 and never had a problem. You're right about it feeling like a right of passage though. I called my insurance and told them I lost it. They sent me a new one. First thing I did with it is root my phone and flash cm9. :)
Problem. When I try to execute usbboot I always get "cannot execute binary file". The line specifically is:
./usbboot aboot.bin u-boot.bin; ./fastboot boot twrp-blaze-2.1.1.img

The fastboot command does what its supposed to by saying "Waiting for device" but usbboot always rejects. Anyone know what this could be? Bad file?
If you type ./usbboot by itself (unplug the tablet) does it do anything?
Cool try this: file usbboot

If it's a valid OS X binary it should show something like this:

ls: Mach-O universal binary with 2 architectures
ls (for architecture x86_64): Mach-O 64-bit executable x86_64
ls (for architecture i386): Mach-O executable i386

If it doesn't it's probably corrupted.
+Pat Wendorf usbboot: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.15, not stripped
That won't execute on OS X :)

That's a Linux binary. You'll need to find an OS X version of the same executable.
ah HA! The darn tutorial DID specify and I missed it.

BTW this is all proof that I only know enough to get myself into trouble. :P
If there is no OS X version of that usbboot, you might have to setup a Linux VM (Mint or Ubuntu would be simple enough) using VirtualBox or VMWare Desktop. It'll set you back another 45+ min though.
+Larry Ortiz Well I'm still knee deep in the solution, but the lesson to be learned is RTFM... or whatever there is to read!

Although, this isn't the first time I've learned this lesson. :/
I thought I bricked my galaxy s once. Or, closest thing to it, since it is unbrickable. But one time I was loading a boot loader and it failed. Thankfully it failed before actually flashing boot loader and It just didn't know what to display on screen. The screen would turn on and the phone accepted commands but it would only display a black screen. I could throw it into downloading mode and it would show up in hiemdall. That was the last time I ever used odin. Wasn't trustworthy.
+Jason Howell, I have no links but I have seen many forum entries at XDA where the owner tried to obtain root using an OS other than Windows. Almost always is there a problem. Then they try what they were doing with a Windows box and it works. It looks like you did this from a Mac.

I also remember +Eileen Rivera mentioning she had problems with her SII and rooting until she moved to a Windows PC.

Might be where you want to work from going forward.
Hope you can rekindle the fire. If you do check out this guys site he has CM9 running buttery smooth on the fire. I have been running it for a couple days now and its fantastic. You can also find him on XDA.
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