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I spent a nice long week with the HTC One S on T-Mobile's HSPA+ network. Here's my review.

HTC One S review
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I'm an iPhone user, but I love learning about other devices, thanks Jason!
+Rajasekhar Reddy Mettu Yes I failed to include that. Browser was ok, nothing impressive... but really its a non-issue IMO. ICS = Chrome ability = you will never need or miss HTC's browser.
I love the way you were so brutally honest about the disappointment of beats audio :)
Did the lack of a menu button make non-ICS optimized apps feel weird? I know there's a bottom menu bar but haven't seen it and I imagine it feels odd.
That never bothers me +Eduardo Carrillo but I am very used to it after months with the Galaxy Nexus. I think its something that you simply get used to and don't look back on.
James R
+Jason Howell I agree with you on the lack of menu button. I thought going from the Nexus One, then Nexus S, that I'd really hate that it's not there. But with the Galaxy Nexus, it only took me a couple hours and I haven't even thought about it since.
I agree. I don't miss the menu button at all. I do, however, miss the dedicated search button. It was very nice to be anywhere in any app and be able to long press and get the voice commands.

Many ROMs offer the ability to customize this (CM9 isn't one of them, yet), but having it in the stock experience would be better.
+HENRY GAUL Right now, having a Nexus trumps this phone for me. Having said that, if in two years I realize that having a Nexus didn't give me the instantaneous updates that I EXPECT from having a Nexus device, I might rethink this logic. The hardware on the GN is fine, but nothing like that of the One S. Its so incredibly enjoyable to use and side by side, it makes the GN feel like a cheap toy. I'd just root and ROM anyways, so to some degree having a Nexus is a little less of a concern for me... but still.
Your reviews are getting better and better, +Jason Howell. You cover everything people need to know, you have clear opinions that you explain to the audience, and you've developed a professional but friendly delivery.

I'm very reluctant to go HTC again. I had a Nexus One and I think it's a great phone. Beautiful, solid feel. But not really solidly built. The power button broke twice. The phone had to be retired after the USB connector broke out of warranty. If I had any reason to believe that HTC phones were actually as well-built as they appear to be, I'd be very interested in the One X. But I've already read that the fancy ceramic-like case treatment is chipping off on some units. I try not to make the same mistake twice.
$599.99 +HENRY GAUL .

+Richard Reich One thing about the chipping. From what I understand that affects the One X units, not the One S. There is an extra layer of something that they put on the One X and that's what is chipping right now.
Really good review. I had such high hopes for the One S. I stopped by my local TMO store this morning and spent some time with the One S. What were HTC and/or TMO thinking? Only 16 gigs of storage and a terrible display. I think my HTC Thunderbolt had a better display. I will stick with my unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus. Keep up the good work. Really enjoy All About Android as well.
doesn't really matter. people need to emphasize to these manufacturers that Watts are God and if these phones don't last long enough it doesn't matter if you got a Cray Computer under the hood if it only lasts 10minutes.
What Manufacturers should do is split the phone designs into 2 types. 1 type that does phone stuff well and lasts...and another that does computing well and lasts.... since the later is going to require more watts. I'm in the latter... I don't use phones as phones but more as computing devices.
my point here is in regards to this new phone. the battery may be good for type 1 but not for type 2 so it' useless to me and that;s all I need to know about it.
I know you are on vacation but I have to tell you how thankful I am for all about android and what a great job all you guys are doing.I hope the show continues for a long time and thank you for all the hard work all of you put in for the show,long live AAA.
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