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Jason Howell (raygun01)

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If there's one thing I'm most proud of in my professional career, its that a single episode of All About Android has inspired so many people to try to draw the poop EMOJI freehand. (this is but one example)

Our work is done here.
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It's a poop job but someone has to do it!
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Jason Howell (raygun01)

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Another fantastic chapter from +Jason Hiner. Learn all about the early days of Buzz Out Loud, Tech News Today, and Daily Tech News Show!
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Awe, it's baby Tom & Molly. 
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If you haven't voted, then there is no vote that has been placed for you. How's that for logic?
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I really cant phatom why anyone would:
1. Be allowed to vote on an app so soon after a review
2. Vote on an app so soon after a review, WITHOUT ACTUALLY trying it or reading other user comments
3. User comments (from Google Play Store) SHOULD in future AAA shows be read - good AND bad - as part of the review process.  Many apps in the past were obviously mere promotional reviews, as the PLay Store in those cases had not even half a dozen comments, and ALL were GLOWING opr OGRASMIC (for some of the most whack apps, too)
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Your chance to shine on like the crazy diamond you are.
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MixCloud? They have fallen so far behind customer conerns, cant believe that was even a choice.  Their scrubbing was scrubbed, their user comments in-line onthe audio track still not mentioned by any staff, no fix , no future, sad.

Slide PIck's permissions are whack - they only need REad/Write Data for now. They dont have a need for login, as they dont have an account system on the web nor in the cloud, although they tout cloud use?  They also dont explain whay they need a Device ID (not needed, even when creating logins and using accounts features)

These choices arent votable this week, the shows cant all be gems.  The show content/discussion was henom, however.

Next week, you'll desire to discuss, after trying it, the horrific (my word) Google Chrome Browser Bookmark "Experiment" (Their word).
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I've somewhat disconnected from my House music production roots the past few years (I blame having kids...)

Was poking around a few nights ago to discover that one of my tracks became kind of popular in the Deep  House circuit a few years back. How awesome. Dave Mothersole even charted the track in 2010. I'd guess this was one of our best selling remixes.

hmmmm. Maybe I should write up some new house music again. I got really bored of the process by the end of 2009. Felt too templatized and though we had a good thing going, and knew how to build nice textures and progressions, it felt a bit less like creativity and more like putting a puzzle together in a manufactured way. Wonder if I'd feel differently about that now.
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Hey +Jason Howell sounds like a good segment for TNSS. Apps and ways of using tech to making electronica ?
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Jason Howell (raygun01)

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I'm here to gross you out.

Take it.
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John B
She puts on the lotion or she gets the hose...PUT THE GOD DAM LOTION ON!!! 😂
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Have him in circles
66,561 people
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Android App Arena 42: File Explorers

I took a close look at three modern file explorers for Android. Navigating your directory structure has never been prettier. (can't believe I just typed that.)

Cabinet BETA (FREE)

Solid Explorer File Manager ($1.99)

FX File Explorer ($2.99)

Kong (FREE)


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+Crístian Deives I agree with you on that. I'd love to find one that hits the middle ground, looking good whilst still having a lot of features. Maybe one in this list has that, I'll check it out. 
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Jason Howell (raygun01)

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Alternate title: Breaking Poos
How on Earth did I forget to post about this week's show?! It was a blast.

+Ron Richards and +Jason Howell welcomed back +Brady Forrest to the show. Along with a ton of great news discussion, Brady brought along some super interesting gadgets from overseas... and the recurring theme of the show... belongs in the toilet.



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Oooooh, on the AAA Google+ page, OK.
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Project Fi (aka Google MVNO)

Come and get it.
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Since I already have an N6, this seems like it might work in my favor.  For where I live this would give me better coverage as T-Mobile's 3g/4g coverage isn't the best when I start roaming around my area (lots of deadspots for 2g as well).

I'm on wifi probably 85-90% of the time so that would keep my data usage down.  I really like that that Google is also converging the experience onto tablets and computers utilizing hangouts too.  Now you don't have to have a seperate number to utilize Google Voice to really put it all to use.
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Only hardcore fans of the Commodore 64 need click through. This collection of photos brings back memories. 
View the album on Flickr.
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Other than playing the games we spent hours typing in, my dad and I played mostly Infocom games like Zork I-III and Starcross. To this day I fear grues. ;-)
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Brace yourselves. Google's MVNO could announce tomorrow.

Of course, the other possibility is that... it will not. I covered all the bases, didn't I.
Google is set to unveil its new U.S. wireless service as early as Wednesday, pushing the Internet giant further into telecom and injecting fresh uncertainty into a wireless industry already locked in a price war
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and $10 a gig isn't cheap if you are watching video or listening to a lot of podcasts. I pay 0.12 a gig at Rackspace.
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Android App Arena 41: Photo and Video Collage

I asked myself "Self... Auto Awesome movies are awesome. What other awesome movie makers make awesome movies automatically like Auto Awesome?" Then I recorded this episode.

Magisto Video Editor & Maker

Animoto Video Maker




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That's just awesome 😉
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Producing Live Video. Producing Music. Producing Tall.
I produce and host shows for the This Week in Tech network ( Shows include Tech News Today, All About Android, Android App Arena, and This Week in Enterprise Tech. I also have a passion for music production ( and audio technology.
Producer/Technical Director/Host
Technical Direction of live video using the TriCaster 8000, Video Editing using Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere, Audio editing/production using Pro Tools/Adobe Audition, XML syndication for podcast, among many others
  • TWiT LLC
    Producer/Host, 2010 - present
    Producer and Technical Director of live media for the web. Producing some of the networks top rated shows including IAWTV Award winning Tech News Today, Frame Rate and The Giz Wiz. Also Producer and host of All About Android.
  • CNET/CBS Interactive
    Podcast Producer, 2005 - 2010
    Helped define the CNET/CBSi podcast strategy, producing a number of their top rated shows including the hugely successful Buzz Out Loud.
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Our three year old LOVES the pizza and they go above and beyond to cater to families while still staying comfortable for all. Essential pit stop for dinner.
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The fish tacos are nearly impossible for me to not order when I go to Zazzle. Our 3yo INHALES the spaghetti. The wraps are all terrific. Love this place.
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4 reviews
Love Central Market. Excellent, fresh and local food, great atmosphere. A metropolitan restaurant smack dab in the middle of Petaluma.
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago