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Jason Howell (raygun01)

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What's the over under on Google making a Hooli joke during the keynote? I'd say chances are pretty good.
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If we don't I will be sorely disappointed. btw +Jason Howell  any chance you will do a periscope with the AAA all stars who are there like MKBHD and chris lacy.
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Jason Howell (raygun01)

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almost called "Is What It Is"
Get your pre-IO funk on by checking out last night's episode of All About Android!

Guests +Phil Nickinson +Mike Wolfson and +Daniel Tyson join +Ron Richards and +Jason Howell for an epic all-studio panel. Tons of IO preview, and more.

But quick! Check it out before our guessing becomes fact or fiction!



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I wonder if  +Ron Richards ate all the Tim Tams.
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Jason Howell (raygun01)

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Sweeeeet. Instead of making the drive down from Petaluma to IO tomorrow and Friday and back up to Petaluma, and dealing with traffic issues and all that crap, I'm staying in SF tomorrow night.

Oh its on. #io2015  
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Don't touch the mini bar. 
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Jason Howell (raygun01)

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Last one for now. If only to say that if you don't like my Music sharing, unfollow this Music list. G+ collections is handy for that reason.
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Bro OMG your taste in music SUCKS!! No no I'm just kidding, keep on keeping on!
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Jason Howell (raygun01)

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Another classic.

(sorry for the Lennon flood. I'm kinda in a mood.)
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Alex M
I love this song.  Beautiful Melody, and Excellent Voice by Lennon as always :)  
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Jason Howell (raygun01)

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Was indeed a lot of fun on last night's episode!
"Moments of delight" at the TWiT Studios

I really love being able to participate in the All About Android show.  It is a unique opportunity to visit the studio, and this year was specially fun with 5 people in the studio.
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heya +Jason Howell enjoyed the 60fps encoding on the HD Version this week -looks so good.
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Jason Howell (raygun01)

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Do it to it!
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Jason Howell (raygun01)

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Android App Arena 47: To-Do List Managers

If you like getting things done, well... take 15 minutes out of your schedule (time normally spent getting things done) and watch my review of apps that will help you get things done. Then get back to getting things done once that's done.

GTasks (FREE/$4.99)


Task & To-do list - (FREE/SUBSCRIPTION)

Layout from Instagram (FREE)


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+Jan Scott I'm using the free version, and it seems to be enough. I'm also very happy with the ability to assign tasks to people - it helps with the family life:)
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Jason Howell (raygun01)

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Getcher vote on!
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Jason Howell (raygun01)

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This one's sad but freaking beautiful. Dude had serious emotion in his music and his voice. I will always look up to him for that.
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Jason Howell (raygun01)

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One of my all-time favorite songs from possibly my all-time favorite artist.
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+1 Jason ;-)
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Jason Howell (raygun01)

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Tonight's +All About Android is the pre-IO episode and each year, it's one of the best episodes.

Two awesome guests are making the drive up to the Brick House for an all in-studio show: +Mike Wolfson and +Phil Nickinson joining myself and +Ron Richards.

We'll speculate on what we'll hear over the next few days at Google IO, go hands on with Project Tango, and who knows what else but you know what? It's gon' be fun, so don't miss it!

If you are in the Bay Area for IO and want to come up to watch in person, you can! Show begins at 5pm PT, just email and they can get you hooked up.

5pm PT at 
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I'm almost throwing up over the no more live. The only shows I watch live are AAA and TWICH, well used to with TWICH, I actually work during the day. Live is how I fell in love with Jason, Patrick, Ryan and so many others.
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  • San Francisco State University
    Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts, 2000 - 2003
Basic Information
September 11
Producing Live Video. Producing Music. Producing Tall.
I produce and host shows for the This Week in Tech network ( Shows include Tech News Today, All About Android, Android App Arena, and This Week in Enterprise Tech. I also have a passion for music production ( and audio technology.
Producer/Technical Director/Host
Technical Direction of live video using the TriCaster 8000, Video Editing using Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere, Audio editing/production using Pro Tools/Adobe Audition, XML syndication for podcast, among many others
  • TWiT LLC
    Producer/Host, 2010 - present
    Producer and Technical Director of live media for the web. Producing some of the networks top rated shows including IAWTV Award winning Tech News Today, Frame Rate and The Giz Wiz. Also Producer and host of All About Android.
  • CNET/CBS Interactive
    Podcast Producer, 2005 - 2010
    Helped define the CNET/CBSi podcast strategy, producing a number of their top rated shows including the hugely successful Buzz Out Loud.
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Our three year old LOVES the pizza and they go above and beyond to cater to families while still staying comfortable for all. Essential pit stop for dinner.
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The fish tacos are nearly impossible for me to not order when I go to Zazzle. Our 3yo INHALES the spaghetti. The wraps are all terrific. Love this place.
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reviewed a year ago
4 reviews
Love Central Market. Excellent, fresh and local food, great atmosphere. A metropolitan restaurant smack dab in the middle of Petaluma.
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago