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Do you like to drive? Or Read? Or play Snake? That's basically the question...
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And the answer to that is why I voted for Curvatron
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Jason Howell (raygun01)

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LIstening to this album is quite literally like I just stepped into a DeLorean and hit 88 miles per hour, transporting me back in time to my younger self in San Francisco during the year 2000.

I kind of need to turn it off. I'm having flashbacks. Help me.
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Wow that really takes me back! Haven't heard DJ Dan in a minute. 
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Great, now I have two epic Bios currently competing for my earholes.

Becoming Steve Jobs:

The Beatles: Tune In: (about 6 hours in and FANTASTIC so far)
Check out this great listen on There have been many books - on a large and small scale - about Steve Jobs, one of the most famous CEOs in history. But this book i...
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Add read by George Newbern . Didn't he voice animated Superman? I would listen to it for that reason. 
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Registered for Google IO 2015.

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No comments about Herman Cain, I love that guy.
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Android App Arena 37: Audio Streaming and Discovery

Went on the hunt for live video streaming apps similar to Meerkat. Got sidetracked and ended up in the audio world instead! Check it out.

Mixlr (FREE/plans)

Spreaker (FREE/plans)

Spreaker Studio (FREE)

SoundCloud (FREE)

Table Tennis Touch ($3.99)


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Freaked me out, so I ordered a case today. 😁
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I'm sure it bends, cause I saw it bend... But will it blend?

Yeah... I'm pretty sure if it bends, it blends.
This week's +All About Android had a truly flexible phone! Pretty neat stuff though in the early stages to be sure.

+Ron Richards and +Jason Howell were joined by +Michael Ludden to discuss changes to the Google Play Store policy for developers, the Google Store for hardware sales, Nintendo's mobile phone gaming aspirations, and much more.



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Jason Howell (raygun01)

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Last night's +All About Android with not one but two awesome guests!

+Koushik Dutta and +Myriam Joire joined +Ron Richards and myself and we had a lot to discuss:

Cyanogen's $80 million in funding, Microsoft is developing software that converts Android Phones to Windows 10, Hands-on review of the HTC One M9, Tag Heuer moves into smart watches, the lack of customization in Android Wear, Pony Express, and more.



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good show
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Jason Howell (raygun01)

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Tonight's +All About Android should be enlightening to say the least.

+Koushik Dutta and +Myriam Joire join +Ron Richards and myself.

Android is firmly in the crosshairs in this week's big news: Cyanogen Inc's $80 million plan to bypass Google, and Microsoft's plan to turn Xiaomi Android devices into Windows 10 devices...

Also, Myriam has the HTC One M9 in person, Android Auto releases, Amazon Unlocked, Smart Lock on-body detection, TAG Heuer's high end Wear device, and much more.

Watch live at 5pm PT at
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Sounds like a great show
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Repurposing old Android hardware

What apps do you use to put old hardware to use once again? Dash cams, dedicated music players, security cameras, baby monitors, honestly... I'm looking for creative ways to make old hardware useful!

Drop a comment below or head over to the Reddit and post a reply there. Thank you!!
What apps might you use to put old hardware to use? Ways that you can take that device out of the drawer and actually use it in neat and...
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Pet cam
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Android Auto finally gets its release and sure enough, the app only runs in tandem with supported head units ie not in standalone mode on the phone itself.

When Gina Trapani and I were given the demonstration of Android Auto at last year's Google IO, I specifically asked the guy showing it off if stand alone mode would be possible and he said yes. (Gina refers to that conversation here at 1h0m17s:

So ok then. I'm bummed and can only hope that stand alone mode of some sort becomes a reality in the future. I'm not saying it isn't in the cards, ultimately, cause I don't know that answer. But I will say that this is an incredibly useful tool for drivers, whether it exists on a secondary screen or whether it exists on the phone you already have mounted to your dash.

Hoping it happens. Crossing fingers. Or did the guy that gave us the tour actually not know and just threw that answer out there?

Android Auto:
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More cool gadgets in the car means more distractions but I guess its what people want.

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Jason Howell (raygun01)

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I really miss google reader.
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Producing Live Video. Producing Music. Producing Tall.
I produce and host shows for the This Week in Tech network ( Shows include Tech News Today, All About Android, Android App Arena, and This Week in Enterprise Tech. I also have a passion for music production ( and audio technology.
Producer/Technical Director/Host
Technical Direction of live video using the TriCaster 8000, Video Editing using Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere, Audio editing/production using Pro Tools/Adobe Audition, XML syndication for podcast, among many others
  • TWiT LLC
    Producer/Host, 2010 - present
    Producer and Technical Director of live media for the web. Producing some of the networks top rated shows including IAWTV Award winning Tech News Today, Frame Rate and The Giz Wiz. Also Producer and host of All About Android.
  • CNET/CBS Interactive
    Podcast Producer, 2005 - 2010
    Helped define the CNET/CBSi podcast strategy, producing a number of their top rated shows including the hugely successful Buzz Out Loud.
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Our three year old LOVES the pizza and they go above and beyond to cater to families while still staying comfortable for all. Essential pit stop for dinner.
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The fish tacos are nearly impossible for me to not order when I go to Zazzle. Our 3yo INHALES the spaghetti. The wraps are all terrific. Love this place.
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4 reviews
Love Central Market. Excellent, fresh and local food, great atmosphere. A metropolitan restaurant smack dab in the middle of Petaluma.
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago