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Dell is going to offer Ubuntu on their coolest Ultrabook and will likely offer it at a discount from the Windows version (glad to see a company finally doing that, especially on the latest hardware).
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I know what my next laptop might be :)
I almost forgot that I needed Dell to load Linux for me. Der!
I hope they focus on getting drivers to work instead of a shiny interface.  Most Linux users will wipe the OS anyway in favor of our own favorite distro.  I'm definitely interested in something like this, and knowing that all of the components have solid driver support is a big plus.
+Thomas Mims  the part that I like is that it won't come with the Microsoft Tax for people that can't figure out how to order stuff with FreeDos. Not to mention that there are people like my wife and mother in law that have been Ubuntu users in the past that would be more comfortable with Dell actually providing support for them should they need if I'm not around to help.
+Chad Sutton no doubt! I generally take the license and key and pass it along to somebody that needs it :)
M$ will not be happy with Dell!
Again?  How many times is this going to fail before manufacturers learn their lesson?  Only the small minority of geeks are going to have the wherewithal to order a pre-built system with anything other the Windows.  For every "my wife" or "my grandmother" uses Linux story, there are a dozen more "need Windows for x" stories.  Does no one remember the previous attempts?
IMHO, the biggest win for this is that Dell will be helping with Linux support for all the shiny new hardware in the XPS. All the distros will benefit from this work.
The community always thinks a product is aimed at John Q. Public. This is a great solution for companies where the engineers are asking for linux but the company is requiring them to buy something "supported." There are other markets for this laptop that don't include your grandma.
Interestingly the article actually states: "The initiative is an extension of Project Sputnik, a pilot project aimed at creating an Ubuntu-based developer laptop."

So unless your grandma is a developer she isn't the market in any case.
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