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+Jason Hiner Very nice blog. But I just have to say, Ive been using Android since October and its really just garbage, Android has made HUGE development mistakes. Jail Broken Iphone > any Android phone. 
I started to read this all excited to learn about a new cool feature, and knowing that probably already there's an iOS app. But IMO this is not a killer feature. A row of tiny retro icons.  Instead of large color ones with a big number I can see at a glance. 
Here's an equation for you.

+Greg Trujillo = Apple Fan-boy Troll

ALL software has huge development mistakes.

Not all software companies are no-social-conscience elitists who take their customers hostage. 

Did I make you think of Apple with that comment? Imagine that.
+Jason Hiner I am sorry my previous comment is bringing the trolls out. Your a very good writer and as an android user I thank you for the insightful post.
That and a lot of other things are simpler and work better on Android. In my experience at least. But the notificationbar has been one of my absolute favorites on Android since day one. I truly cannot imagine it better, and it just works. :)
+Jason Hiner You didn't mention the best part -- you can see the notification icons without unlocking your phone.
The better header for the article, I think:
Android's one MORE killer feature that trumps the iPhone
ugh - Android's UI is clunky compared to iOS - its getting better though
Android is my diary/calendar/alarmclock/finance-monitor/fitness-monitor/games-console... oh and my phone.

iOS is nice, but Android just fits better.
I had the opportunity to use my EVO alongside an iPhone the other night, while I tried to figure out how to do something on the iPhone that the owner couldn't. The iPhone seemed like a mess to me and very non-intuitive. So perhaps the OS is in the eye of the beholder, or maybe +Greg Trujillo is just wrong. :)

Today I'm using an EVO LTE with Ice Cream Sandwich, and it definitely trumps the iOS.
My position on the whole "Android vs Apple debacle" has always been focusing on the Android benefits for the more tech-savvy demographic. Kudos to the writer for thinking outside the box and focusing on features that showcase the Android platform as more user friendly. 
+Greg Trujillo has a right to his opinion and to use (or not) whatever he wants.

Making categorical this-is-better-than-that statements shows poor critical thinking skills and paints a day-glo flame-bait target on his fan-boy butt.

You'd think a marketing person would have more sense - but then again he chooses Apple - and marketing.
I love Androids notification center. And, there was an Air Quality alert in Louisville yesterday? o-O 
iPhones? They make them for men? In men's colors? 
I am a very tech-savvy person, but for me, I cannot stand Android. I think Windows Phone looks nice now, but I'm an iPhone user and always will be.

I've tried Android countless times, and whilst I don't hate it, it's not for me. I find it clunky and confusing. It feels like using Windows (and I like Windows - I've been using Windows since 3.1, and have only given up on it as of Windows 8) as opposed to using a Mac (which, granted, can be very confusing if you're used to Windows, but is still fairly straight-forward).

Sure, they all have their pros and cons. I just get sick of people saying that one is amazing and the other is totally horrible. I also hate the term "fanboy". The amount of times people have called me that... But they're never right. People always seem to label others with the term but it never seems to make sense. I prefer PS3 to Xbox 360. Doesn't make me a Song fanboy. I bought a 3DS on launch. I fail to see how that makes me a fanboy. I prefer iOS, have an iPhone and a Mac (and a Windows PC, I might add) but that doesn't make me an Apple fanboy. 
another instance of seeing my birthdate everywhere
Granted that the iPhone I owned was a 3G and I haven't looked into the new iOS's recently, but I'm a firm believer that Android is the better experience.  Nice article.
with iOS you are getting a consistent experience, across the board. its a great experience, dont get me wrong. but with android, the experience over time becomes your own. whether it be from your favorite browser, a gps updating weather widget, a clock you like, a launcher or any other customization that you use. a lot of iOS users have a hard time using Android, because its different. not because it isnt 'good'. i use both daily, i have an ipod touch, a evo running cyanogen, and a touchpad running ICS. android is actually really nice looking now with ICS and the usability is now on par with the visual look of it. 

i understand why users like iOS, but imo its a very simple OS that leaves much to be desired when you are really trying to get things done in an efficient manner. it has faux-speed, with the way they handle multitasking and the UI. everything moves fast, but you get lag when opening certain apps that are supposed to be multitasking. 

a lot of people have never actually used Android the way Google intended it to be used, or never spend enough time with it to really give it a try.its hard to have an open mind, when you love your iphone so much. this is coming from an iPhone OG user. its a good OS, Apple has iterated but rarely innovated it. I wish iOS had a lot of things that are standard practice on Android. 
The comments on that article hurt my brain.

 I enjoyed the article, however. I recently had a chat with a work colleague of mine regarding this. He's a big Apple fan, and I a big Android fan. I do keep two phones, a jailbroken iPhone 4 and my own Galaxy SII running Cyanogenmod 9, and I try and get as balanced an opinion as I can.

During my chat, I mentioned how I felt more limited by iOS. My main issue is that the iOS UI is a wall of icons. The phone feels like a tool. I use it to open applications, and those applications do what I want.

Whereas under ICS, the phone feels a lot more personal. After a bit of time organising and getting used to what I want, I have found a good balance between icons and widgets. I can easily spot if I have an email or a text or a missed call by simply tapping the power button once, and not needing to unlock. When I open an application, it feels like it is part of the operating system, because everything talks to one another clearly.

An example would be in order. Since the default mail app on the iPhone is... eh. I downloaded the Gmail app for my mail needs, set my phones next to one another (running from the same Wifi network) and sent a test mail to myself. Both phones gave me an alert sound pretty much simultaneously (I think the iPhone was a little quicker) and I fired up the screens. Without unlocking my Samsung, I saw I had a Gmail notification, unlocked, dragged the bar down, and opened the mail instantly. However, I had to unlock the iPhone and scan through any icons with the red marker to tell me what might have made the noise. My gmail is on my dock, so I assumed it was that.

While at work, however, both my phones are on silent. I won't hear notifications from either. When I grab either one to check any messages, it's usually clear what I need to be looking at much faster on my Android.

Another little foible stems from multitasking. Another side by side comparison. I put on a song and listen to music while I browse Reddit, for example. Another song comes on, and I feel like I want to skip track. I can use voice control, but that's not going to happen on the bus to work, is it? On the iPhone, I have to drop back to the home screen, open up Music, skip, back to home, open up Alien Blue, continue. On my Samsung, however, while browsing, I can grab my notification bar and skip or pause directly from there. Or, since I am using ICS, I can hold my home button and bring up the recent apps list thing. From there I can directly enter the music app, do what I need, then hold the home button again and return directly to my reddit app with no middle steps.

This comment has gotten out of hand. Hardware differences aside, I think both phones have strengths and weaknesses. The iPhone has user friendliness that the Android doesn't, but I had to jailbreak the iPhone to get features that I consider to be standard issue from my Galaxy SII. They should, and do, appeal to different markets, and so very few people seem to understand this.
CNET set off my "website supported internet censorship" extension, but the piece itself is nice. When I first got onboard with Android I might had wanted iOS for its simpler refinement if it were on Verizon at the time. I'm signed onto Android now though (by way of paid apps) and in turn, they've given it plenty of the aesthetic and usability I wanted with ICS. I'm getting out of Apple's ecosystem now anyway, not even as one big decision, but just as a bunch of small practical ones. 
If you jailbreak your iPhone, OpenNotifier does the job of displaying icons on the status bar. They are many features that are through Cydia that brings the iPhone up to par or further. Granted, it's not out of the box functionality, but even so, it implies that the criticism should be directed to iOS instead of the actual phone. 
Notifications is definitely one of the plusses. Apple realizes this as well and tried to emulate it very poorly. Tranfering files is also a benefit of Android. Simple things like sending a file via Bluetooth just is not possible in ios. The integration with other app on Ios is not good either. They do twitter and soon Facebook integration but android integrates with any app you download.
Hey look i.just got an update on my android device...itll be there whenevr i need to check it yay
+Thomas Robinson using one platform or another does not make someone a fanboy. Reasonable, balanced comments on why someone prefers something does not make them a fanboy.

Arguing absolutes makes you a fanboy.

Apple has some fantastic technology. I won't use it for political reasons but I don't judge those that do. I may, however, poke fun at them.

I prefer the openness (in terms of options) of the Android platform. I root my Android devices when needed and I want to have that choice available to me. I use Windows and *nix O/S'es from the command line for the same reason.

I've watched Apple technology evolve from day one. It has never offered anything that made me want to change to that platform.

In ANY discussion, if you can't make your case WITHOUT reference to the opposing view then you don't have one.
Google is launching quickly and iterating a lot after. They have more chances to learn about their user than Apple who launches a final version and then iterate once every 6 months.
Well written piece. Its certainly one of the things that has kept me on Android since I switched from my iPhone. I used to miss so many time-sensitive messages with my iPhone.
+Andrew Lake same thing used to happen to me. I never had an iPhone but a couple of my ex's would take forever to return my call. I would end up calling them and they say they didn't know they had a missed call or whatever. I always called BS till I heard other iphoners making similar comments.
+Greg Trujillo Do research before making a fool of yourself or maybe you're just a troll. A jail broken iPhone cannot even match the functions and capabilities of a STOCK Android phone. A rooted Android is BOSS. Yes Android has had issues but after Gingerbread OS and especially ICS it has clearly surpassed iPhone. Get a quality, updated Android phone and you have no argument. Apple trolls need to update their opinions cause clearly they are basing opinions on past , low quality, outdated android devices.

As an iOS user I often find the main feature that all smartphone users love is how lazy can this device make me. Notifications Bar or swipe down menu if users take time to go to their settings no matter the device any phone can work for you! I use the iPhone because I enjoy music and frankly none of the other smartphones consider that as a priority. 
This is true I like iOS at least for the sake of competition and its good for novice users android has Ben growing by leaps and bounds because of apple witch is y were scene quad core processors what is 2 gigs of ram gorilla glass and so many other awesome hardware features what I o s really needs to do is integrate a dynamic share features like for example if I install a new app like instagram for instance on android what I downloaded it it will automatically integrate into the system so when I open my camera have to take a picture I automatically have options from my camera app to share to facebook instagram or any other app I downloaded there are many other things like this that and that's really just 1 of many examples youtube wicked4u2c he dose a 7 part series all in all types of different things like that anyway check it out grandma im I just find that you want a real device gnex
I'd have to say that notifications within +Android are only one of the many things that sets the OS far above the competition.  
+Alton Griese - please elaborate. I hate Apple more than is rational for a man to hate an inanimate entity, but my Galaxy Nexus and ICS are both garbage.
if you're having problems with your galaxy nexus that isn't uncommon especially on 4.0 .2 root and flash cm9 with the gladose kernal and oc to 1.6 gig and over clock gpu with there utility app dude your set this thing is bad ass
If I had to pick between Android, and iOS, I'd pick android.  I do not really like either system, I find them both extremely limiting; Apple's system is offensively limiting.  With Android, and some work, I can be happy thanks to the ease of creating new roms.  Apple gets really upset about people jail-breaking their devices, thanks to this, even jail-broken iPhones are extremely limiting.  

Politically, I have to side with Android.  Both operating systems are based on free software, Android acknowledges this.  Apple downplays its open source roots, if it ever mentions them.  Furthermore, the iOS ecosystem, and the Apple controlled application store is an abomination.  Some sort of strange private market, where Apple is dictator supreme, taxing lowly developers 30%, and $100/year, for the 'privilege' of writing software for a very closed platform.

I keep hearing great things about the Windows phone.  Maybe I'll be impressed with features, and/or convenience.  Somehow I doubt it.
That's probably coming next in iOS 6.
I'm on 4.0.4, but lipstick on a pig etc. I went "pure Google" because Cyanogen was garbage on previous devices and I had to see if it was something 3rd party developers were screwing up, or if Android is just perpetual beta straight from Google. The answer was disheartening, but at least I know to expect bugs to be ignored for generations and the external community to be unable to address them either.

If I wasn't dependent on Google's services, there is no way I'd be using an Android device to do anything.
The notifications is a cloud thing and Apple isn't very good at the cloud. Apple is more interested in taking advantage of the technological reluctant, than embracing the future.
I just switched from iOS to Android and that seems to be the biggest difference ate the notifications as it flows a lot better to access them.
The fact that you have to "jail break" an OS to get it to do something that is inherent in another OS says it all.
Ooh no. This is going to make iOS users angry.. ooh dear.
How about having a notification light. It baffles me that in the year 2012 you have to turn on the screen on the iPhone to even GET your notifications. If I return to my office I can tell if I missed a call without turning on the screen. And with Light Flow, I can know exactly what type of notification it is without even picking up the phone.

And, if you take a half hour to configure widgets, an Android devices is infinitely more user-friendly than any iOS device. I can see my entire upcoming schedule, browse email, and change a half dozen settings without opening a single app.

Simpler is not the same as easier. But, like everything else, iOS users will claim they don't need it until they get it. 
I've enjoyed notification lights on both my G1 and my current G2.
Notification light is a must for me. Taking the phone off stand by constantly to check if I have any new notifications would be annoying.
Android was born with this (cool) feature,.. iPhone simply cut and paste it! That's what a genius does.. // Android is freedom,.. you can do everything out of the box,.. A killer feature I love is the ability to share my phone 3g network via WiFi (hotspot).  
I just sold my iphone 4s (jailbroken)
& I received my marble white GALAXY S3 - they are world apart...
GALAXY S3 has the most powerful processor now (quad-core exynos 1.4ghz) & ice cream sandwhich OS with so much improved touchwiz...
So, even theres an iphone 5/6 now, I will still go for SAMSUNG galaxy s3 & if I'm bored, i can hack & root it to my hearts content...

Samsung used it's own chips in the S3, and they ROCK!  My tablet has Tegra3's and I can't wait for the S3 to arrive at T-mobile on the21st. 
Sean G
Apple is to imac...what Android is to mobile. Windows style.
That's why Windows is playing catch-up.
Multiple file explorers, multiple browsers, awesome third party social apps, tons of media players.

Android is too close to a desktop OS while iOS is limited to basic mobile functionalities that a 6 years old Nokia N95 could do except gay animations and transitions.

Android FTW
Hipsters gonna hate.
Were starting to see multiple window software for android like stick it and pin it this is a game changer especially for tablets
My biggest issue with Apple is why would you treat your customers like idiots. Let's start from the beginning, with a product that could take pictures, but no video without an upgrade or "S" version release. They make incremental upgrades that contain minimal features, at a premium price. Now the rumor is they will release an iOS with a map. Ooooooh Mufasa. #givemeabreak
If you are old enough, you will remember "My First Sony" products.  These are what the iPhone remind me of.  They were simple devices that acted like full-fledged, serious hardware.  They were designed to introduce the young mind to new technology and prepare you for the real deal.  That's an iPhone to me.  A simple device that acts like a smartphone, but anyone with half a mind is already too advanced for it.
Yes! And that fact that since it's everywhere all the time, it's easier to go directly to those texts or emails straight from the app you're currently in.
+Tyler Brown its called the notification shade. Stop using Apple terminology.
I prefer the Sinclair Spectrum over the Commodore 64 every time
+Michael Molash brand preparation. If that's the case, will iPhone 5 be the 'big boys iPhone'?
Well with a little processor and tiny screen plus the fact that it doesn't do anything but launch apps ya its good on battery but I'd rather carry an extra battery than sacrifice
"With Apple's iOS 6 on the horizon, it's important to note that there's still one big thing that Android does a lot better than iPhone."

er... Everything? Does that count as the one big thing?
The joy of the Android platform is, if Google won't; a custom ROM developer will - beat that!
The comments are already showing me it is true.  People who just want a phone get iPhones.  They don't need to personalize it or customize it. They want to be part of a herd, maybe it makes them feel special, like a cult.  People who like to tinker, personalize, customize, etc, they get Android.  They want something individual and personal.  They have the patience to look through every option and set everything according to their desire.  When choosing the iPhone, you get 1 choice, the option being internal storage.  When you want an Android, there are options at every carrier and price point.  +mark fisher My Galaxy S goes ALL DAY without a charge.
+Michael Molash My HTC Sensation 4G also goes ALL DAY without charge, even till next day nd I still have about 40% battery left :)
I felt that Android notification acts more like an alert while the ios notification acts more like a preview instead. I would prefer the alert as that's what a notification should behave.
From a UI point of view Android remains an iOS clone.

Yes, it has widgets but their functionality is spotty at best.

The overall UI paradigm is very derivative of iOS (unlike WP7 which is radically different).

That being said what I really appreciate is the flexibility of Android - if I want to have access to the file structure, I do, etc.

Multi-tasking is the best of any platform and, yes, notifications are great.

Lastly, having multiple hardware vendors means that you're spoiled for choice with great devices like the HTC One X, Droid Razr Maxx, Samsung SIII, etc...
i'd have to jailbreak an iphone to install an app on it that wasn't approved by apple.

not so android.

why does any other criteria matter to anybody?
Tried both OS's love Android better so I stay with it so what?
+Narain Jashanmal why are widgets functionality spotty? What widgets are you thinking of? A clone how? Which aspects? As in there are icons?
I've had a 3GS and 4S and now have a GNote running Paranoid, a version of CM9 and I am never going back to IOS.
Hans J
I've always found iOS and the iPhone to actually be less intuitive than android many times. Personally, widgets and toggles are two features that make android more user friendly. That doesn't include how much easier it is to share anything you see on android. iOS just has too many unnecessary little steps to do so many simple things.
@Joe Wilson on iOS, if u wanna skip tracks, u just double press the home button and the music controls show up. Why do u even need to unlock iphone? Or, if your ear-buds are fully iPhone compatible, u can double press the button on them. That way u don't even have to take out your iPhone.

As someone here said, Android vs. iOS wars are becoming too much of a nuisance now. And it's stupid. Some people live Mercedes, others love BMWs. It's all personal preference. And people do get used to their devices and their apps. I started out with the iPhone because Android then wasn't popular. Now I have gotten used to it. I rely on a lot on iOS apps. Do I hate Android? Not one bit. Would I love to have an Android device? Absolutely, as an additional device. But I would never leave my iPhone for one.

Also, getting updates all the time from widgets isn't some deal-breaker for me. What's the use of getting weather updates every now and then anyway?? I want to look at weather conditions when I am planning some outdoor activity or travel that requires knowledge of weather forecast. Firing up an app is enough for that.

As far as not knowing whether an alert on the iPhone is from Mail app or some other's all bull crap. Obviously, @Joe Wilson is just imagining using iOS. When there's an alert, iOS screen lights up and a list of alerts from various apps (3rd party and native) come on the screen. You can swipe on individual alerts to launch that app. I don't know how Apple can make it simpler and more efficient than this. Yes there are minor design flaws in iOS notification center, but they can be overlooked.

Having said all this, I do agree that Android has a lot of customization and that ICS has improved a lot on UI. But tell me one thing, do u wanna get married to your smartphone? Are these things really that important?

Different platforms have different inherent strengths and weaknesses and they bring about exciting variations in the mobile tech space. But these are no reasons for platform wars. What matters is whether you are able to get things done well with your device. Apple nails it in this department. Android does too. And so does Windows Phone. At the end of the day, what more do u want? 
I have messed up my Android phone so much n so often, to test its Androidness, still it works like a Charm. "Strong by birth" i. e Android
+Deepanjan Das I agree with some of your points here, and I wasn't wholly aware of the double press home button for music controls. I do have an iPhone, which I keep in my pocket most of the time, mostly for music and apps these days.

The point I was making was that it could be streamlined and made much more apparent than it currently is. As it stands with my current android device, I can skip a track and pause without having to switch away from my current app and switch back.

My concern with alerts not being obvious is coming from a point where I have the phone in my pocket. No matter how strong a vibration, or how loud an alert, unless I'm wearing connected headphones, I am not going to notice when I'm out and about. Even if I do hear the notification, I still need to pop the screen up. The notification bar on Android lets me know everything I need to know very concisely. Mail, Twitter, G+, Facebook and so on have a little icon that I recognise and can easily check or ignore if I want to. At no point when using the iPhone do I have the sense of flow I get from my SII. And that's where your last point comes in. For someone like myself, I find it much easier to get done what I want to get done with an Android device out of the box, than I do with an iDevice.

Although, regarding one of your other points... these little things do matter. If I am spending a lot of money on something, I want those little things right.

Although, from an outside the phone point of view, I have a Sony MBW-150 Bluetooth watch which syncs perfectly with my SII. I can skip forward and back on tracks, raise and lower volume, pause and play, as well as have it vibrate and display caller ID and text messages without having to remove my phone from my pocket. Despite preferring my iPhone as a music device, I often use my SII as my primary music player just because of being able to use that.
u cant prove that android is betr than iPhone. u need proof!!!!!!
+Joe Wilson I believe the iphone 4 can switch between apps without going back to the homescreen. It was included in the last update. Also, you don't need ICS for the recent apps list.

On my Xoom I am running AOKP. From my lock screen I can instantly access different apps. You can have up to eight apps. Pretty nice feature! You can also have the music controls on the lock screen. So you can switch between songs right from the lock screen. I've seen that feature in other roms for some phones. Don't know if any manufacturers have it built in or only custom roms.

I agree that both have their strong points and weaknesses. And it's good for consumers. Competition drives them to innovate. No competition, innovation slows.
I switched over from iPhone to Android primarily because Android devices have better hardware. Bigger screens etc
Wow u have flipboard on android. Sweet. Good post tho, Apple notifications suck. Both Android and Windows Phone have better notifications. 
+Chase Hogan It works the other way too.  Where's the proof iPhone is better?  Proof is in the individual experience.

A friend of mine has an Apple computer, iPhone, and iPad.  When I visit him, I sync my devices, a Galaxy S and an Acer A510, with a Windows PC before I go.  We are in completely different camps.  When I begin to tell him what I can do with my devices, he stops me and asks how much extra it costs me to do these things.  He is awestruck it costs me $0.00 extra.  In my experience, Android is better.  Some of the features include internet tethering and using my tablet to receive/send text messages through the phone.  I also hear complaints about having to use iTunes with an iPhone.  I have no experience with this, but I have tried iTunes with an iPod and hated it.  Apple software is so intrusive on a Windows PC.  The software for Android sits dormant until I invoke it.

Again, my experience tells me Android is better.  Individual results may vary.  Use whatever floats your boat.
Haven't owned an iphone and I'm on my first Android phone (evo 4g). This article made me appreciate my phone a little more :-)
+Narain Jashanmal Palm OS did apps and icons on a screen well before iOS. The ONLY thing original to Apple was a unified App store and a candybar design.
Articles like this piss me off and those in this thread saying that a does things better than b are also pissing me off. Android has many different "versions" - CM, MIUI, AOSP, AOKP, etc. You cannot possibly group all those into a and then compare to b
I remember when it was cool just to have a mobil phone. People need to get a grip.
I would say Android's killer feature is the Intents system for sharing between apps.  The notifications are elegant, but really the open way you can move content between apps is killer (for me at least). 
if i were to leave the iPhone i'd go to windows phone and skip android altogether 
missed calls, messages and calendar reminders appear on the lock screen in ios, mail and tweets can be configured to be low priority so they don't appear as they are low priority for me anyway.. one thing I like about my wife's android is updating apps does not require a password.. and I recently jailbroken to take advantage of swipe up to close app ala webOS and swipe status bar for shortcuts
My 1st Android phone was a SGS2, which I upgraded (yes it was an upgrade) from a jailbroken iPhone 4. Even with a whole host of Cydia / JB apps installed on the iPhone, Android offers way more flexibility on a non-rooted device. I now have a Galaxy Note (ICS) and can honestly say it's the best phone out there, even over the SGS3 and HTC One-X. I would.also like to point out that I am not an Android fanboy... I own an iMac and think that its way better than any pc. I also prefer the iPad over any Android tablet. I also had a TF201 until recently but didn't really get along with it (traded in for a Chromebook, which I also love!)
Rubbish,iOS had the drop down notification in the pipeline years ago check your facts. I've used android since 2008 up to the samsung nexus last year, it's great for customisation but the rest is average compared to apples iOS , no more force closing apps or random shut downs or constant os updates froyo,gingerbread,ics what really changes?? Not much 
And 25 percent of androids things dont crash. So this is android users: 😊🔫
One feature?
Device variety
Removable battery
HTC one x the best phone ever. Lot better than iPhone
I have both phone the Galaxy S and an iPhone4s and I agree COMPLETELY...
 I am pleased Android is kicking apples backside again.
A few too many broad assumptions I think. Be thankful there's more than one major OS and that it isn't Windows based.
Sean G
2 days on battery... Evo shift.
I like apple but for a phone I would prefer Android.
+mark fisher Have you seen the Razr Maxx? It blows the Iphone away on battery life and is like 9mm thin (I believe). But isn't this the point of the debate. With Iphone you get what they offer. One device. Take it or leave it. With Android you have lots and lots of options. Can't afford a corvette, buy a chevy. Not a heavy user, get a superslim phone. A heavy user, get the Razr Maxx. You get the point. People are very different and want different things from a phone. No matter what one specific thing is most important to you, there's probably an Android phone that can do it better than an Iphone. It's really that simple.
+mark Houston I'm pretty sure I read that google has filed the patent for the drop down notifications. Might want to check your facts. That one is really gonna hurt iOs because it's extremely useful.
+Joe Wilson Double click the home button in iOS, at the bottom swipe right, boom, music controls. \m/ Good comment btw.

My first 3 years of smart phone use were Android w a G1 and then Samsung Galaxy S1 both on T-Mobile 2G. Those were dark days of constant frustration for me.

After 1 year on AT&T w iPhone 4 I can not see myself going back. I had constant issues w Android which felt like using my first PC w WindowsMe all over again. I am glad however Android and Windows Phone exist. That competition drives innovation and provides choice. Now if we only had more carriers to choose from to compete on price in the US.

I love the "window shade" in android and the "app drawer"  I have to admit, i do miss the look and feel of 1.x especially in the app drawer, but the second thing that Android does much better is customization.  You can make your system look and act almost any way you wish.
I switched from Android to iPhone simply because of the battery life. App killers are a waste of my time. I will never go back for that reason only. 
Screw this, I'm switching to KDE, enough of this wannabe garbage.
+C. Paul Courtney Hmmm interesting. Let's see.
1. Alerts: iOS has Notification Center, lock screen alert system that lets you launch the app that gave notification directly from lock screen.
2. Customization:  Agreed Android has customization and even jailbroken iPhones offer less
3. Device Variety: This one is funny. OK, so I buy an Android device today and two weeks later 5 other manufacturers launch new models that seem so enticing. Suddenly, my device feels like crap. Also its true some high-end games dont run uniformly on different devices even though h/w requirements are met. Not so with Apple. My 3 yr old iPhone 3GS still plays NOVA 2 well.
4. 4G?? you mean that thing which sucks the battery life within hours? Better wait for more efficient hardware, my man, and that's exactly what Apple is doing. 4G isn't so widespread either. Neither is it a deal-breaker. Unless you are hellbent on watching streaming videos on a small 4" screen.
5. Syncability: iOS 5 has wireless syncing to iCloud as well as PC/Mac. To other Apple devices as well though iCloud.
6. Removable battery: There are some good Android models that dont have removable batteries. Example - HTC One X
+Deepanjan Das
1. Can't anybody are these notifications just by looking at the phone though? I think that's quite bad.
3. Device variety is for people who can't afford to pay masses of money for a phone. Or want a hardware keyboard. Or want expandable storage or a removable battery. And my old ZTE blade can play that fine. I saw an iPhone 4s lagging playing Nova 3 so it can't all be good. An s2 played it fine by the way.
4. I haven't used 4g myself as I am in the UK but I hear that it is so much faster than 3g and that when you get used to it, you would never go back to a 3g only phone. If you live in a major city, chances are you are going to get 4g. And if a 4 inch screen is small, which it is by today's phones, then a 3.5 inch is horribly tiny.
5. syncability. I actually think apple does this quite well. I don't know much about I cloud so I can't really comment much here.
6. Removable battery. You're right many high end phones don't have removable batteries now but some do. Same with expandable storage. I like to have the choice and until 4g internet with nearly unlimited data is available everywhere, then we can't really fully rely on the cloud. That's why a micro SD card is very valuable to me as it means I can have basically unlimited storage just by swapping them out. Or I can plug in a USB stick or hard drive.
What's that time/weather widget called?
+Deepanjan Das all I read in your post was "Baaaa. Baaa."
+Thomas Bridgewater clearly dismantles your arguments (thanks). I would add that anyone who has lost their phone over the past 3 years and had to re-add their contacts for example really appreciate Google's ability to sync over Apple's.
Only a fanboi thinks choice of devices and new/fresh options are a bad thing.

I have 4G on my GNexus and never turn it off and my battery lasts all day. And it's WAY faster than 3G. And even if it were a huge battery drain I have the OPTION to turn it off and only use it when I really need it.

Like I said, they will say they don't need it until they have it...
one of the best review ive seen in a while.
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