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Google is about to launch its 1Gbps Internet service for $70/month in Kansas City.

I'm trying to not drool.

Interestingly enough, it will also offer a lower-tier 5Mbps service for free to any citizen that simply pays the $300 installation fee.

Also, a bit of trivia ... what's the one city in America that already has Gigabit Internet service? Chattanooga. It's electric utility laid its own fiber and offers the service for 350 bucks a month.
By MARIA FISHER, Associated Press – 1 hour ago. KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — Google Inc. revealed Thursday what it will charge for its long-awaited, ultra-fast Internet service in Kansas City: $70 per mont...
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+Jason Hiner in your opinion do you think this will help to lower overall rates at all?
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