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I've had both my mom and my mother-in-law on Ubuntu for the past 2-3 years. Works great...
Ubuntu’s Unity GUI isn’t my speed. But that doesn’t matter for the majority of end-users.
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Yeah I just started getting into Ubuntu ... really like it
Ubuntu is probably the best choice if you're going to try and set someone non technical up with a Linux install. The deal-breaker for me with most people I've tried to convert always seems to be Netflix.
I upgraded both my computers to Zorin-OS, a variant of Ubuntu. It's much closer, theme-wise, to Windows 7. I'm looking forward to trying the new version.
wanna try but.. is it easy to uninstall n bring back pc to normal windows once we have it?
Hey, I'm a techie and I use Ubuntu! I've used it for 7 years now. I will install 12.04 today and will give Unity another try. I don't like Unity as much as my old gnome 2.x setup with Gnome-do and docky but it's good enough. I've tried other distros but none have run as smooth and hassle free in my current laptop (Dell with an ATI card and an i7 720QM).

I know what the article is trying to say but I think it generalizes too much with the headline.
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