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Cubesat is cool. Cubesat orbiting Mars, wow.
#NASA   #CubeSats   #JourneyToMars  

In March 2016, two interplanetary CubeSats will launch with +NASA InSight, our next Mars mission. Watch how they work.

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Anyone else inspired to help avert a public health and environmental crisis in Ecuador once the LP Gas subsidy is no longer offered? This MIT prof has created a clean burning charcoal-like product produced from corn cobs that can be used as cooking fuel for families that will no longer be able to afford gas to cook with.

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"Utility × Inspiration × Empathy = Quality Content."  -Ann Handley

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Ecuador, home of Karl Egloff who recently set the world speed climbing record up Aconcagua, Argentina, the highest mountain in the world outside of Asia. See his new website where you can hire him as your mountain climbing guide, here:

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What the People of the Amazon Know that You  Don't. Excellent TED talk by Mark Plotkin, whom I hadn't read about since the 1990's. This talk reminds me of our Huaorani friends Otobo and Minigue who taught us so much about the forest and the Huaorani ways.

The Huaorani are an Amazonian people living in the lowland forests of Ecuador for as many as 6,000 years and were first contacted by the outside world in the 1950’s. There is a mystery surrounding the origins of the Huaorani and how they avoided contact for so long. To this day there are at least 2 groups of Huaorani, the Taromenane and Tagere that are still living completely without contact from modern society. They hunt monkeys and birds with poison darts shot from blowguns and hunt peccaries and other ground mammals with spears. The way they avoid contact today is probably a vital clue on how the Huaorani avoided contact until about 50 years ago. The Huaorani are traditionally deep forest people, avoiding larger rivers.

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I enjoyed (while simultaneously suffering) doing the Vuelta al Cotopaxi, an epic mountain bike stage race in October. I wrote about it here:

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To see that alpaca in the photo standing in the middle of the road? ;-)
Why did the llama cross the road? Give us your best answer! #question #questionoftheday #llama #q&a

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Google announces Google Fit to compete with Apple HealthKit. Let's see if they're more developer friendly than Apple. Here's a good article:

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It's easy to forget just how huge Apple is. 
Quick reminder: Apple is pretty gosh darn huge!
Some of this, via Business Insider, is actually comparing apples to orchids, but still quite impressive...
$44 bil: Apples sales in Q1 '14. More than Google, Facebook, Amazon combined!

$26 bil: iPhone revenues. $20 bil: Microsoft's entire revenue.

$4.6 bil: iTunes/software revenue in Q1. $4.4 bil: Netflix in 12 months.

$130 bil: Apple's share buyback program. $137 bil: Amazon's market cap right now. : )

800 mil: iTunes accounts with credit cards. By a huge margin more than any other company on the planet.

My favorite...

$10 bil: Apple Q1 net profit. More than what Amazon has earned in its entire 20-year existence!

Remember, it is apples and watermelons (or was it orchids). But man, those are some Apples!
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