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Jason Griffey
Academic Librarian, writer, speaker, all around gadget fiend.
Academic Librarian, writer, speaker, all around gadget fiend.

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Has anyone found/made a hardcase for their Glass? I'd love to find a properly sized Pelican case that was thin enough to be packed in a laptop bag....anyone seen anything like that? 

Hey gang! I'm still getting used to my Glass, only had it for a week! Just got my University networking gang to add it manually, so I'm up with data on campus now. :-)

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Jason Griffey talks about the technology of the upcoming year.

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First print off of my brand new Lulzbot Taz 2. Looks great!

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Putting together a solar LibraryBox. 
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Hey gang! I'm going to have to pull the trigger on a 3D printer purchase very soon (in the next 3 weeks or so, 4 weeks tops). If you had $2500 to spend, and needed: PLA (other filaments a plus, but not strictly necessary), as big a build platform as you could get, NO KIT (need to pull out of box and start printing asap), reliability (going to be printing dozens of LibraryBox containers)...what would you buy? 

I'm wary of Makerbot, even though I have experience with them, just because of the extruder issues, the build plate problems...I could get a Rep2, but then I'd have to throw another $500 at it to make it reliable. I would LOVE to get a Lulzbot Taz, but they aren't giving me any hints as to when they might be on sale again. Other than that, I've looked at the MendelMax 2 ( and the Solidoodle...but there aren't that many fully-built that meet all the above that I can find.

SO! Point me to your favs! Give me reasons! Help me spend money! 

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Eliza enjoying an Italian Ice at the Chattanooga Market last weekend.
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Building our Rostock Max 3d printer
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Halfway through the LibraryBox v2.0 Kickstarter Campaign...15 more days left to get in on the action! 

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I realized that I don't think I'd shared this publicly yet...Kickstarter for my open source library project, LibraryBox. 
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