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My new book (non-f): A Most Tropical Apocalypse

Supernatural interventions guide a Caribbean honeymooner to uncover a simple bible code that leads to the date of Armageddon. Apocalyptic events follow.

The story is from real events during the year 2005. Living in St Kitts, several profound events uncover an earth-shattering religious scandal. What follows next is a deep journey into spirituality, numerology and a sudden awareness that this is all familiar to an ancient fraternity.
Finding a code in the bible, based around the number five, the date of Armageddon is disclosed. Having in my possession the possible day of Gods destruction, I was faced with a set of tormenting questions: Who would I tell? How would I tell them? And who would listen to ME anyway?

As December 10 2005 arrived a calamitous event occurred in my own town of birth whilst I was living three-thousand miles away in the West Indies.

This is a true story of biblical proportions set in the twentieth century; read the first ten pages freely here (.PDF document):

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An illustrated version of my new book -- A Most Tropical Apocalypse -- is now available for download:


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Travellers who are short of cash (and don’t mind a spot of dishwashing) could bag themselves a free holiday in Italy this winter thanks to an initiative that facilitates bartering between bed and breakfast hosts and their guests.

Running from 14-20 November, La Settimana del Baratto – or Barter Week – encourages travellers to exchange goods and services for a free stay in thousands of Italian B&Bs.

To take part, prospective guests can list what they have to offer on the Barter Week site. Alternatively, guests can browse the wishlist of B&Bs and contact them to negotiate their stay.

The wishlist currently includes a huge range of requests. Some hosts, for example, will let you stay in exchange for quality local produce from your home region or country.

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NASA has spent billions searching for traces of life on Mars – but they might have ignored evidence from 40 years ago, a new scientific paper has claimed.
In 1976, the Viking Lander conducted experiments on Martian soil – which seemed to suggest that something was producing carbon dioxide.

But since then the experiment has been dismissed as ‘inconclusive’.
Now in a new paper, one of the original Viking scientists, Gilbert Levin, says that the experiments may show the existence of life – and it might pose risks for astronauts.
Levin says the results show that ‘life is a strong possibility’, on Mars.

The researchers write, ‘It seems inevitable that astronauts will eventually explore Mars. In the interest of their health and safety, biology should be held in the forefront of possible explanations for the LR results. Plans for any Mars sample return mission should also take into account that such a sample may contain viable, even if dormant, alien life.’

Read more:

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Your action plan
I’m all about action and I know you are too. So, you ask, how does this relate to your daily life? I don’t live near an ice-capped body of water, nor do I work near the Sahara desert. Good points. Funny enough, some of these things I’ve done previously as a way to increase my mental strength (such as cold showers, ice baths, long runs without water, etc.), but here’s how I’ve started to implement the Hof method into my daily life:

1. Take cold showers.
Every time I take a shower, I put the water to the coldest level possible. I’ve been doing it for the past few days, and already notice a difference. The water has become less cold, and being able to do things I don't want to do helps to improve my mental strength for the remainder of the day.

2. Take ice baths.
Fortunately, for me, I have access to an ice bath at the facility where I train. Cold showers are great, but ice baths are the next level. Everything cold showers do, the ice baths do on a much greater scale. I have started taking ice baths once per week, and plan on increasing that number to two to three. I’ll also be increasing the amount of ice and duration I sit in them.

These baths not only help to accelerate muscle recovery, the freezing temperatures have been proven to increase the size of your veins and improve circulation. Additionally, it psychs you up mentally. Making yourself uncomfortable is the best way to improve your mental strength.

Related: How Being Mindful Can Help You Make Better Decisions

3. Focus on breathing exercises.
I’ve started following Hof’s exercises. I haven’t seen any long-term benefit yet, as I just started, but instantly you’ll feel more relaxed. Here’s the breathing routine:

Find a place to get comfortable. It is best when done lying down, but whatever you prefer. 
Once ready, start breathing heavily, but not too heavily. It should be a balance of shallow and deep breaths, almost like you're blowing up a balloon. You may start to get lightheaded, and your body may tingle, which is perfectly normal. 
After 30 to 40 breaths, empty your lungs and hold that breath. Hold that breath as long as possible without choking. This is where you can start recording your times. 
After you let go of that breath, take a deep breath and hold it for 10 to 15 seconds before exhaling.
Repeat the above steps for another three rounds. If you want, record your times so you can track your progression and see immediate results. 
After the four rounds, Hof says to enter into a meditative state for five minutes. Note: if you’re a complete beginner start meditating by closing your eyes and bringing your awareness to your breath while focusing on the space between your eyes.
4. Meditate.
I’ve never been a mediator. However, lots of people in the business world do it, notably Tim Ferriss, Marc Benioff and Russell Simmons. I’ve been giving it a shot. I’ve incorporated it into my morning routine. I find a quiet, calm place and simply clear my mind. It has helped me stay in peace before rushing into my day and helps to prioritize my life.

5. Get uncomfortable.
I already do things that make me uncomfortable because I know that is the best way to grow as a person. However, I have committed to this practice on a daily basis now, as this is also part of the Hof method. This can be anything, from doing a workout that is so strenuous it scares you, to learning a new skill (programming), public speaking or even talking to that guy or girl you see every day at Starbuck’s.

Do something that makes you uncomfortable every day, and watch yourself grow in unimaginable ways.

6. Get outside. 
Hof's method requires you to step away from your desk and head outside. This helps you disconnect and find peace. There's something about being out in nature that can help ground you and allow you prioritize everything in your life. Suddenly, those conference calls and client requests don't seem so urgent. This is an important step in productivity and efficiency. 

I’m all about figuring out how to be the best version of myself. Even before I came across Hof’s method, I have held similar beliefs. I have always believed that we can accomplish anything we want, that our minds are the most powerful tools on this planet, that extreme forces can improve our capabilities and that our bodies know how to fully heal themselves no matter how strong the infection or disease.

Hof took it further, created a system and actually proved it out by testing it against science. And he won.

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Jenna Lewinsky said. “It would be a very important and historic moment when the sheep return after basically 2,000 years.”

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