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My ranty pedantic Fringe post, now with more io9!
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The last episodes I watched were while I was in the hospital (on my laptop) after my second kid was born. That was 3 years ago :/ I've been meaning to catch up!!
I enjoyed the article but I'm still fairly certain it was the other observer toe-tapping.
I love this fact you just taught me:
"Zentner and Eerola found that the infants easily entrained their motions to the rhythm of the songs that they heard, whether it was Mozart, a childrens' song, a simple tune, or even just a rhythmic drum solo. They spontaneously modulated their movements according to increases or decreases in tempo.

And the more synchronized they were, the more they displayed "positive affect." In other words, dancing made them happy.

Dancing, or more accurately, rhythmic entrainment, is an unlearned response to an external stimulus that occurs in members of species that have vocal learning, and that – at least among humans – results in increased happiness."
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