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How Do You Play with Your Dog? fun #citizenscience   project by +Julie Hecht at +Scientific American

Millions of people around the world come home to four legs and a wagging tail, and many spend some of their time together playing. While dog-dog play has been studied extensively, dog-person play, which takes on a different form and appears to have different rules, has not attracted nearly as much scholarly attention. At the Horowitz Dog Cognition Lab in NYC, we are investigating the different ways people and dogs play together and the behaviors they use. And, we need your help (well, you and your dog’s help).
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Good and important questions. Play is motivating, relieves stress and builds relationship -- for BOTH the dog and the person.
Ball and wrestle with mine she loves to roughhouse 
Just saw this. Thanks for sharing in google+ land!! Play on! We're accepting contributions through Spring 2013.
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