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Last 500 Ethiopian Wolves Endangered by Lack of Genetic Diversity by +John Platt at +Scientific American

The last wolves in Africa face a difficult road if they are going to survive. Just 500 Ethiopian wolves (Canis simensis) remain in the mountains of the country for which they are named. The animals now live in six fragmented populations located hundreds of kilometers apart from one another; three of these populations have fewer than 25 wolves each. According to a study published last month in Animal Conservation, the Ethiopian wolf now suffers from low genetic diversity and a weak flow of genes between packs.
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it must be depressing sometimes to constantly cover exctinction. +John Platt? it's depressing enough to keep reading about it...
Oh yeah, it can be depressing as hell. But somebody's got to do it. It may as well be me. (What's not depressing is writing about all of the good people who are working hard to make the world a better place for some of these species. That often balances things out for me.)
i hadn't thought of that angle, but makes complete sense. those stories are often some of the most delightful to read.
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