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Commenting threads: good, bad, or not at all - important by +Bora Zivkovic at +Scientific American

Instead of “silent” participation leading gradually to more active participation as one becomes more comfortable with the site, it seems the opposite is happening: mildly active users are now becoming silent users as it is easier to click “Share on Facebook” than to post a brief comment.

But there is another problem here – most of the good, nice, constructive commenters may have gone silent and taken their discussions of your blog elsewhere, but the remaining few commenters are essentially trolls.

The question every blogger in this situation has to ask is – what to do next?
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+Scott Hatch i think a set of "daughter" discussions branching off of a central discussion is just fine. But, like always, I made sure to tag +Bora Zivkovic so he'd see and be aware of it, in case anything interesting gets said in the comments. Not everyone takes care to tag the authors of things they share, of course...but I think that comes with the territory of being a writer (or other sort of content creator) on the internet.
unified (or open and interconnected) commenting platform would help.  It would enable the following:
- "where" you comment would not matter, (as long as you are fine making your comment public)
- "what" you comment on would be the node for comment aggregation
long ways to go, but this is the future.
+Callum Hackett I agree overall, but I don't know if this is "bad" for the writer, per se. Personally, I'd love if my posts sprouted offshoot conversations, even if I wasn't aware of all of them.
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