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Jason Erickson
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Problem solver. New dad. Geek. Technologist. Coffee drinker. Space observer. Lego-er. Storyteller. IBMer. Everything written here is my own.

About Me

I’m a problem solver. I feel my life is complete when I’m able to help someone solve a problem or at least guide them in the right direction. Even if I don’t know anything about the issue, I’ll study it until I can find something that helps. At home I’m a new dad. There are a lot of problems to solve while being a new dad. At work, with IBM, I’m a Solution Architect helping craft solutions for my customers based on IBM Software and know how.


My interests are varied. Beyond problem solving I like to explore and play. Some of the things that interest me include:
  • Space & Astronomy
  • Coffee
  • Technology and Gadgets
  • Legos
  • Star Wars
  • Star Wars Legos
  • Storytelling - for the little one

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Goodyear, AZ
Frisco, TX - Chevy Chase, MD - Livorno, Italy - South Holland, IL
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Solutions Architect for IBM
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VentureBeat: Quantenna promises to make Wi-Fi almost six times faster with new wireless chips. #networking 
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"Step aside, stainless: This fridge is a whiteboard"

Keep you grocery list on the fridge. Now if it only had a printer attached it would be really useful. 
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Jason Erickson

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My wife kicking my butt might just be worth seeing nerf rounds flying all over the house. 
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Jason Erickson

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"How to Find the Wasteful Energy Vampires in Your Home"

Ahhh! Too many vampires.
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Jason Erickson

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Just watched the finale. Bah! Phhtttt! Never going to be satisfied. Why do I bother watching these final episodes. 
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I blew up. Now on to the next step.
I've had a rough quarter. Everything got to me and  I blew up at a coworker. Now I'm left with a strong desire to fix it. Here's how.

I started by making a list. I listed what I liked to do and what I liked about me. I listed what I wanted to be. Then I summed it up to three things.

1) Be with and there for my family. The most important part of my life. I love it when I'm there and when I can help them. Especially now that my wife is very pregnant and my daughter is just 7 weeks away.

2) Share my knowledge, expertise and experience. I like to help others. I like to fix problems for others. I enjoy being asked my thoughts. I thrive on being an expert who is sought out. When I blew up at my coworker, I blew up because I was sought out for my expertise. I took the negative view. No more.

3) Try something different. I have to get out of my rut. I need to do something new daily. It can be small like read a book instead of watching TV or don't read email today. Maybe chat with someone new at the store. Something. Anything. As long as I didn't do it yesterday, it's different.

Now I have to do these things. Every day. I hope it makes me focus on the positive. #SelfHelp #BeingPositive 
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Jason Erickson

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Just after the pasta is put away you stare into the pot and are consumed by terror. You're terrified you haven't made enough! 
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Jason Erickson

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"Your Child is NOT Going to Play in the Pros"
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Jason Erickson

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I think this should be my halloween costume!
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Tracking a new habit
The other day I decided to make some adjustments to my life. I needed to start changing how I think and respond to certain situations. I created a list of key habits I needed to do every day. Most importantly, how do I track my results?

I use Remember the Milk which is still my ToDo list of choice. But Remember the Milk is much more than just a ToDo list manager. You can use it to track any list. Then click off daily what you accomplished. 

Here's how:

1) Create a new List.
2) In this List create a new Task for your habit, calling it something appropriate.
3) Set a due date and make it a daily recurring task.
4) Repeat for the rest of the new habits you want to reinforce.
5) Every day review this list and check off what you've accomplished.
6) For any habits you missed, just delete them.

Now, you shouldn't keep tracking these new habits forever. Create one more task with a due date 28 days ahead. Make this your completion task. It should take you about 28 days to really make a new habit. At this point you can evaluate your list and start over with new habits. 
#habits #rememberthemilk

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Great food and service. Best breakfast on the west side.
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very goodService: Excellent
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