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Jason E. Norris
Exploring creative ways to communicate and educate at OnTheGo.FM
Exploring creative ways to communicate and educate at OnTheGo.FM

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Hi. My wife and I just started a new local podcast for our city of Fort Worth, Texas. Episode 1 takes you behind the scenes as we share our plans for the podcast.

Do you also "podcast local?" If so, I'd love to talk with you about ideas for making local podcasts better (and even best practices for seeking sponsors). Thanks!

You can listen and subscribe to the show here: http://OnTheGo.FM/FortWorth

Do you produce a local podcast? A show focused on a geographic area? I'm putting together a list of people who podcast local.

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Podcasting every day in January. Whew! Listen and learn about Podcast Local, Podcast Ministry, and other Ideas for Podcasting.


I'm considering producing a local podcast about my city. Have you made something similar? I'm looking for advice, tips, cautions, and best practices—planning, production, and promotion.

What is your number one challenge when it comes to podcasting? Is it the tech? Content? Presentation? Something else?

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Heeyyyyyyyy Aaaaaaabbott! (and anyone else interested in the "golden age" of radio). Here's a conversation about old time radio. So thankful my dad introduced these to me (back in the day when we had audio cassettes).
Are you a fan of #OldTimeRadio or are just getting into #OTR? In either case, you're sure to enjoy the latest episode of the #AudioTheatreCentral show where the guys do a deep dive into OTR comedies!

I think this is a great idea for podcasting by the folks at Porchlight Family Media. Poetry! Verses in Vox.

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Subscribe to get ideas for podcasting in your podcast app.



What options are there for field recording with an android device?

I have an iPhone myself, and I've been happy with the ATR2100, Apple camera adapter, and BossJock.

But I have folks with Android. Any ideas to get them a recording-on-the-go setup?

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You will soon have a new audio show for your travels or the treadmill.

Listen & Learn is the first audio podcast to be launched from OnTheGo.FM.

Listen & Learn is a microcosm of the education network

A microcosm is a little world that represents a larger world. In this case, the Listen & Learn show represents what the OnTheGo.FM network will be.

Both the show and the network are built on the idea of listening and learning while "on the go." No matter where you wait, walk, or drive, you can listen and learn.
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