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Spent part of my day with my (IBM's) new CEO on her first biz day in office, which was very cool. Telling my daughter about it was even better

Just carved up our Halloween pumpkins. Had to set a tough example in case any other pumpkins out there were thinking about double crossing us

A childhood spent playing the game Operation has prepared me well for picking bits of my lunch out of my keyboard

Steve Job's innovations were so great that people now take for granted things that weren't even possible two years ago

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Shipped a new piece of software that will be used by tens of millions of people today and it's barely 8 am

Andy Rooney is now free to assume his rightful spot on the Muppet's balcony

This season's Red Sox meltdown was so epic Al Gore is making a documentary out of it

I guess someone finally told Andy Rooney the internet was the thing to use when there is no one else left to complain to

Google turns 13 today so don't be surprised if it becomes moody and unresponsive to your search requests until you get it it's own cellphone

So many secret service, K9, police and SWAT everywhere I go in New York City I'm beginning to wonder which world leader is stalking me. Come on UN who is it?
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