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Nothin' But Story

A big design goal with +Novacut is to help you visualize your story as you edit, to immerse you in it as fully as possibly. So we fundamentally reject the idea that certain UI elements should always be present, taking up space. Our UI is very dynamic and aims to show you what you need, when you need it. Less chrome, more story.

Here's a screenshot from my 2560x1600 monitor in which you can (almost) see the starting and ending frames of 85 slices (12 across, 7 down). The start/end thumbnails are 192x108 pixels, which I feel is about right as far as signal-to-noise ratio, but you'll be able to adjust the thumbnail size to be bigger or smaller as you wish.

As +Ubuntu Unity likewise has very little chrome, almost the entire screen is filled with an engaging and clear visualization of your story.

Note that this here is a probably a crappy story. But it was randomly generated by software for the sake of testing, so what can you expect :P

BTW, the reason we test with randomly generated edits is to force ourselves to work with high-complexity edits as we tune the workflow, which is harder to do if you must always manually create test edits. This particular edit has 200 slices, which is probably realistic for say a 10 minute TV show (although that might still be on the low side even for just 10 minutes).
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We still don't have a nice UI for importing files from your internal hard drives, although to existing importer should import an entire removable HDD just like it was a SD/CF card.

The cutting workflow is still slightly broken, BTW, including in the daily PPA, but that should be sorted out in the next few days.

By default Dmedia will use a "shared" filestore in /home/, so the Dmedia file layout will be in /home/.dmedia/
Ok, I wrote this comment elsewhere, but can you tell us which monitor you are using?
+Paolo Smeraldi - sure, I have a 30" 2560x1600 Samsung 305T, although that recent screencast just showed the app window, which was sized to around 960x540.

RE your comment about sizes... I think we need to allow the user to easily adjust font and thumbnail sizes, there's just no way to pick a size that will work for everyone, especially considering the widening range of pixel densities used today.

It would be nice if the default sizing we used took the pixel density into account, but the user still needs to be able to adjust the sizes. With the long hours editors spend in front of a screen, the ergonomic details really matter here.
I agree with you. I wasn't suggesting that novacut should be optimized for some specific screen size or resolution. I was just wondering if we are reaching a limit in practical screen size and where this limit is. In my experience 32 inches is a bit too much, but you seem to work well with a 30 inches screen. Of course novacut should ideally be usable on most configurations.
+Paolo Smeraldi - I think I read your original comment too quickly, sorry! So your 32" monitor... what resolution is it? In what way did it seem too big? I will say it took me a long while to get used to my 30" monitor, but now I feel naked without it :^)
Do not worry! It is 1920x1080. Maybe the resolution is too low for its size. I have 800x480 on my smartphone! I feel that I canot keep it as the same distance as a midsize monitor, it seems too close. There should be a limit somewhere; of course it is not to easy to say where it is. In a few years will we have 42" monitors? Or is it 24/27 the goden size? Interesting that it took a while for you to adapt to 30" but now you like it.
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