Nothin' But Story

A big design goal with +Novacut is to help you visualize your story as you edit, to immerse you in it as fully as possibly. So we fundamentally reject the idea that certain UI elements should always be present, taking up space. Our UI is very dynamic and aims to show you what you need, when you need it. Less chrome, more story.

Here's a screenshot from my 2560x1600 monitor in which you can (almost) see the starting and ending frames of 85 slices (12 across, 7 down). The start/end thumbnails are 192x108 pixels, which I feel is about right as far as signal-to-noise ratio, but you'll be able to adjust the thumbnail size to be bigger or smaller as you wish.

As +Ubuntu Unity likewise has very little chrome, almost the entire screen is filled with an engaging and clear visualization of your story.

Note that this here is a probably a crappy story. But it was randomly generated by software for the sake of testing, so what can you expect :P

BTW, the reason we test with randomly generated edits is to force ourselves to work with high-complexity edits as we tune the workflow, which is harder to do if you must always manually create test edits. This particular edit has 200 slices, which is probably realistic for say a 10 minute TV show (although that might still be on the low side even for just 10 minutes).
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