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Jason Daniels
Lover of sports / movies / nature / US troops / politics / poker / grilling
Lover of sports / movies / nature / US troops / politics / poker / grilling

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How many people know about this?

For those who haven't heard about this, consider participating.

You can create your own, buy them in the stores or online, or go to this site and they will send them for you:

Send as many as you want.

Spread the word to anyone who may be interested.

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You'd think that but....

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But her emails!.......
Fucking dumb ass republicans. All they really give a shit about is masturbating to their guns

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It's only considered "mishandled" when Democrats do it, if a Republican does it its cool. Kinda like how republicans are against the gays but have no problem letting a guy in a bathroom blow them

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A Slovakian lady painted this. Title True Love"

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Stolen from FB but had to share

"OK Trump supporters, once and for all, we get it, you hated president Obama, you hate Hillary Clinton, you hate liberals, democrats, progressives, intellectuals, educators, immigrants, the poor, the elite, gays, protesters, Colin Kaepernick, BLM. But you say you love Jesus, who, by the way was a foreigner, and from the Middle East, who also advocated love for all people! But let's put that aside for now.

Out of all the things you hate, do you still love your country, and the freedoms it provides? Well, The man that you voted in as president, is systematically trying to transform this free society into a dictatorship! Now, before your begin hurling insults at me, and calling me names, like snowflake and libtard, or any one of the plethora of other insults you guys use to disparage those who disagree with you. Here me out!

Your president has gone to war with every branch of government we have, except the executive branch, of which he is the head of. He's attempted to discredit the military, saying that he knows more than the generals do. Let's not forget this man was hosting a game show, and ogling young naked beauty pageant contestants, and talking about grabbing women's genitals 3 years ago, he's never served in the military, he dodged the opportunity to do so. So, where does his superior knowledge come from? Cause he says he has a good brain? Really?

He as tried to dissolve faith in our intelligence gathering agencies, who have tied Russian hackers to spying, and interfering with our election. He has insulted them, called them liars, unless of course they benefit him. These are the people who protect us from threats both foreign and domestic, they have studied for years, and are well versed in the ways of espionage and counter intelligence! Trump was building failing casinos and appearing on the WWE, while these people were protecting the country.

Now Trump is in a fight with the judiciary branch, disparaging federal judges, calling them political, because they won't let him run roughshod over the rule of law! Judges who have studied law, made rulings based on our constitution, and law, judges who have been appointed to their positions by commanders and chiefs. Upholding the law, while trump was out breaking the law, Not paying his taxes, (which he still hasn't shown us) cheating on his wives, business partners, and American citizens.

So, he's at war with those who protect us, those who defend us, those who uphold our laws, and let's not forget about his war with the media, actually saying that all who don't agree with him are fake news! Open you eyes! Your choice for president is trying to become America's first dictator! As much as you may hate everything, and everyone else, don't you at least love your country enough to stop him? Or has he bewitched you beyond your capacity to see what he's doing?"
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