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Nailed. It.
By Rev. Brent Wright: Stop using Christianity to justify your fear, judgment, mistreatment, and abuse of LGBT people.
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Read the Christian Church Disciples of Christ's letter to governor of Indiana. It's pretty compelling. 
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Because why not?
We love everything Google here at The Gooru, and what’s more Google than the all-new Chromebook Pixel?!?! The New Chromebook Pixel has a ton of increased specs over the first version, with 8GB of RAM, i5-5200U Processor, and the brand-new USB Type-C charger. We were lucky enough to have the new Pixel given to us, but we really want to give it away to our audience as a thank you!
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Jason Dabrowski

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Now they're just throwing dynamite on the fire. 

And once again, Elton John wasn't calling for anyone to be jailed, so nobody's freedom of speech was damaged or even threatened.

Criticism is not oppression, censorship, or fascism. 

Those who say otherwise don't actually want free speech. They want domination and control. They want to say whatever they please without anyone being allowed to respond in an unfavorable way. 
Is this the worst way of trying to calm down a backlash ever?
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I have always tried to avoid spending money with companies whose views did not align with my own. To this day, I can't bring myself to buy Texaco petrol after they started HIV testing their applicants back in the late 80's. They dropped the practice but old habits die hard

In this case, I'm glad that D&G had the opportunity to say how they felt. I'm not of the same opinion but at least they said how they felt. That's what free speech is all about. The fact that their views don't sit well with a lot of people is surely something that they considered before uttering them and they shouldn't really be surprised that there's been a bit of noise. It's hardly a deafening noise mind you and if they'd shut up it would probably have died down after a while.

I'm kinda hoping that the "Je Suis D&G" thing is someone hacking their account because I find it a lot more offensive than their original comments! 
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So CVS has disabled their NFC payments for Google Wallet.

Sorry CVS, I'm not switching to CurrentC so you can skip the processing fees. I'm not giving merchants direct access to my banking accounts.
You can turn the NFC readers back on so folks can use Apple Pay, Google Wallet or other Tap & Pay cards and devices, or you can process credit cards - - either way, you're paying the fees, so deal with it. 
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+Jason Dabrowski make sure you write corporate about it.
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Jason Dabrowski

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Seems legit

See more 'Cute Animals' images on Know Your Meme!
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I do.  :)
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Jason Dabrowski

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Dude on train gave me this shocked look as I was about to board.
Hopefully I'm not about to get shanked. 
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You should probably pull up your pants.
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Jason Dabrowski

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To me, it's so weird when complete strangers ask to borrow my phone. Then they act all annoyed when I say "No".
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I had that happen a lot when I lived in Atlanta. One time I was super gullible and let a lady use my phone because she said she needed to phone for a ride from the train station.

Turns out she wanted to call her BFF and bitch about how her man wasn't giving her any money but she had a side man who did. She got pissy when I cleared my throat and glared at her until she said "I'mma let you go cuz this white guy want his phone back". Yes, yes I do. Gossip with your friend from a payphone. 
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Jason Dabrowski

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No More Argument-By-Link!

This is annoying. When you're having some sort of discussion on a somewhat serious topic and someone does this:

UserABC: Read this - linkylink/

or this

USERXYZ: Read "The Book of Books" by Writey McWriterson, and you'll understand.

In a word: No.

This is a discussion, not a classroom. You don't get to assign homework.  If you want to make an argument in your own words and use a link to support it, fine. But you don't get to skip the actual "making of an argument" part. You should have been introduced to the concept of making your own arguments and supporting them with reason/logic/evidence many many times in junior high and high school. If you went to college, you probably had to do this on a weekly/monthly basis. That wasn't hoop jumping, this is a real world skill, so use it. 

If you think the work is that great, you should be able to summarize it, if it's your own work, you should DEFINITELY be able to summarize it - so linking to your comments in another discussion or blog of yours is also lazy.

This discussion is happening right here, right now, and if you want to be part of if, your argument should also be right here, right now. Pointing to a book or a video or a link is lazy. It's saying "My argument is way over here, go look for it!" No. 

If you're not very good at typing, then take your time. If you're out and about then focus on your out-and-about business and get back to us when you have the time and computer to do it right. We can throw links and book names at each other all day, and that's not a discussion. 

You can quote, you can use a link to something else as reference or support, but make your own argument or don't waste my time. I'm not even going to click on your link. 
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I ignore those types. And eventually end up blocking them if they demand I go watch their proof. Each vid link is 10 or 15 minutes of wasted time they want you to waste for one line. 

Same thing with the folks who post URLs without any context, I'm not clicking that!
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Jason Dabrowski

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This is a long read but absolutely worth the time. I recommend bookmarking it. 
Conservatives love to pretend they're being denied their religious liberty. Here's how to prove them wrong
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this people really think taht the people who blame their bullshit is crazy and they try to do the same acting like little girls crying for a barbie and sounding even more crazy egoists
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Jason Dabrowski

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"what's to stop a biological male from entering the ladies room and claiming he's female!"

The breathless fearmongering argument against trans rights has a wrinkle none seems to be thinking about. A lot of people screaming "if you were born male, you use the men's room! If you were born female, you use the ladies room!"

By the same logic a biological male, who looks very masculine, could walk into the ladies room and say "I was born a woman" 

How would they know otherwise?

Sure, they could "demand" that he drop his pants so they can see his stuff ----but that is straight up sexual harassment. Nobody has to show you their genitals. 
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+Jason Dabrowski Quit looking so swole, bro!
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Jason Dabrowski

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So, lots of drama over a woman who looked a bit manish hanging up her coat and purse in the ladies locker room. 

What's particularly crazy is all the people saying that letting trans women use the locker or bathroom for ladies would just let in rapists and child molesters.

Because rapists and child molesters are such sticklers for rules, right? They're not in locker rooms right now raping people because a man entering the ladies room would be rude!
Carlotta Sklodowska said she believes her presence in a Planet Fitness locker room led to controversy surrounding the gym's transgender-friendly policy.
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Dana H
I don't see the big deal.I have a transgender friend&people that don't know her always make comments to me&it makes me mad.Then when they get to know her,they see how sweet&funny she is.I just find it to be a sad situation this woman was in.
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I DO actually use the chat features of gmail/google+.  So if you circle me, and I circle you back, feel free to IM me. I don't bite. 

I have a less common take on social networking.  I'm not interested in becoming famous for my Google+ posts, nor do I care to spread my "influence" far and wide.

Reasons I won't be circling you back:

-You're using an obviously fictitious name. While Google+ no longer requires real names, I prefer them. I find there's less trolling and drama when people don't get to hide behind a fake name. 

-You're posting NSFW content publicly. I am often in places where others can see my screen, including work, and I don't want to have explain genitals to coworkers, bosses, or angry parents. Part of my job involves social media.  

-You have no posts visible to me or no posts and no pictures. How am I to get a sense of who you are and what you're about if you don't have any posts? 

-You've got hundreds or thousands of people circled.  I value quality over quantity. I sincerely doubt you have the time to keep up with posts from hundreds/thousands of people, which means it's also unlikely that you will have the time to get to know me in any significant way. There's nothing wrong with circling hundreds of people, that's just not how I network.

-You haven't posted anything I can see in several weeks/months.

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Great place to work out. Staff is always cleaning. Gets brand new equipment on a regular basis. Pricey, but worth it.
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Gone Out of Business.
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