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Actor, Blogger, Artist, Photographer, Googlist, Fake Geek Girl, Monogamist, and......
Actor, Blogger, Artist, Photographer, Googlist, Fake Geek Girl, Monogamist, and......

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look, I get that people REALLY like physical books.

But for me, it’s the story that matters. The words themselves. So reading a book on my phone or tablet or PC isn’t weird compared to reading a paperback or hardcover edition.

I get that people like the smell of glue/paper/ink but those things don’t really enhance the experience to me. For you, these are integral parts of the experience, for me they were (at best) annoyances or simply things to which I didn’t pay attention. We all prioritize stimuli based on our own senses and preferences. My sense of smell has NEVER been great, and even after I quit smoking it was the sense that experienced the least improvement (I quit over a decade ago)

Perhaps they would if these were hand-written original texts, not mass-produced copies. Call me crazy but I don’t think trees should die so I can read fart jokes or wizards fighting robots over vampires.

And it means I don’t have to buy shelves to store these books, saving me money, time, and space---that I can spend on more books. It also means people on the train think I'm playing Angry Candy Bird Crush or checking FB, instead of reading Luvvie Ajayi, but oh well!

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NOT that I BELIEVE there's any sort of truth to the zodiac signs or anything
Because that would be silly.

But it is interesting from various points of view, if it were real.

The one about Cancer(my sign), might have been true 20 years ago, but not these days. I went ahead and found a partner who's as at-home with monogamy as I am. We trust each other. If there were to be some sort of mistake, I'm more likely to hear him out and see about either going our separate ways or finding a way back on the same page. No need to dismember anyone.

Aquarius is my moon sign ( I think) and I have definitely daydreamed about this or that death and how I might react, but at a certain point I decided that I shouldn't do that. I'm an actor, so the idea of both writing and in any shape memorizing for a real life event just feels gross and weird. It feels like having a plan to avoid grief by going through all that stuff in theory ahead of time. I'd rather just experience the loss in the moment, utterly unprepared (emotionally). I don't want to disconnect from the moment by going into actor-mode.

Riverdale...Spoilers Ahead

I'm just really glad they resolved the whole Grundy situation(at least for now) in a way that doesn't present Grundy as innocent or her statutory rape of Archie as "okay" "because love!"

Also, we all know the only way they'd be able to get away with this storyline for so long is because the student in this student-teacher romance is a straight male. Shrugging off Grundy as a predator totally follows the BS notion that women can't be sexual predators and that males of any age can't be coerced or be taken advantage of by a woman (even an older one) whereas you know that if the genders were flipped so would plenty of people's opinions. 

"Riverdale" cast directions--
Everyone else: Reasonably grounded characters, given the circumstance.
Cheryl: Flat B-Movie Villainess.

No we lost because the GOP cares about winning and you care about being "pure".
As long as perfection is more important than unity, they will continue to beat us.

We could be gently nudging Hillary in the right direction right now instead of wildly tossing as many roadblocks as we can in front of Trump and having him barrel through most of them like tissue paper.

Should we fix the dam?

No! Let's put more cracks in it! Burn it down! Maybe when we're all dead people will realize I was right!

So brogressives are mad because Perez and Ellison had dinner together?
And they think it indicates some sort of corruption/betrayal/conspiracy?

That's some High School level of petty.


Have they never seen the Olympics? Or any other competition? Do they not know that rivals can be friendly, hell, even be friends? This ain't Superman being seen having Dinner with Lex Luthor. They are both Democrats, after all, presumably they agree more than the disagree. Rivals are not necessarily enemies. Matisse & Picasso were friends, Larry Flynt & Jerry Falwell were friends, Mary Matalin(R) & James Carville(D) are married.

This is why I don't take a lot of far left people seriously, they're too petty, too immature, they build these childish fictions about how things are supposed to be(or how they want them to be) devoid of nuance and heavy on simplistic logic. 

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Nothing wrong with wanting to do good.
But there are times when the cure is worse than the disease. 

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Silly Buzzfeed. It's Bernie Sanders. Sanders is the only politician who's allowed nuance or the benefit of the doubt. The only one who's allowed to be "pragmatic" or any kind of mixed record. Everyone else voting "yes" with Bernie is a horrible corporate sellout-shill.


"But under the terms set by #WeWillReplaceYou, not even Sanders clears the test.
The self-described Democratic socialist, now a member of Sen. Chuck Schumer’s leadership team, voted for three of Trump’s cabinet picks, including Secretary of Homeland Security Gen. John F. Kelly and Secretary of Defense Gen. James Mattis. Sanders also voiced an early willingness to working with Trump on infrastructure, trade policy, and drug costs, arguing in January that it didn’t make “sense to say, ‘No, we’re not gonna work in any way in any form with the Trump administration.”"

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