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Jason Cosper
Have laptop, will travel.
Have laptop, will travel.

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You must be another Handsome Boy graduate...

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Hey, design nerds. I slapped a fresh coat of paint (see: used a new, less dated WordPress theme) on Hipster Ipsum late last week. You should take a look.

Turns out that mining for cryptocurrency is a pretty solid way to quickly cycle your MacBook battery.

I hate having a Java runtime on any of my machines, but Bucket Explorer's (ugly as fuck) S3 "bucket-to-bucket" copy just made me happy that I never purged it from the Mac mini in our media center.

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My very beautiful wife Sarah has been writing a beauty blog and I'm just trying to help her get the word out. Even if those sorts of sites aren't your thing, you should totally go check it out.

If it helps, she says "fuck" kind of a lot...

Want to oEmbed some audio from SoundCloud on a WordPress site but don’t want to get saddled with the clip’s inline comments?

All you need to do is end the oEmbed URL with “?show_comments=false”.

You’re welcome!

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If nothing else comes from John O'Nolan's Ghost – which is an interesting re-imagining of the WordPress dashboard – I'd love to see someone make his split-pane Markdown editor a reality.

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Huh. I managed to find a #WordPress theme on ThemeForest that actually looks good. Go figure...

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Hey Kindle owners: This is really exciting news!
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