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A little something we've been working on, available in your Gmail settings now:
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Cleaner - I like, I like. Hah, no more Ad Ticker on the inbox? =)
It's still there, just at the bottom. We usually turn off webclips for screenshots.
It looks good! I had just been thinking that my theme choice was feeling cluttered. So far I'm liking the Preview (Dense)!
Who you calling dense? Seems like a subtle difference between the new themes. Congrats on the release!

Is the floating button bar new, or I have I been using it without noticing?
Floating button bar was enabled with the People Widget launch.
Ah, just flipped the theme on, gotcha. I think the only thing I'm not really keen on is the empty vertical space taken up by the section header "Important and Unread + Woohoo message".

Floating button bar = sexy

The page feels softer. Regular Inbox feels tight! Definitely prefer the denser version - I think I'm seeing a few less emails on screen (per window height) but thats probably not a bad thing.
Nice! I think I like the button bar more than the people widget, no offense.
Haha - no worries. I love all my children equally.
+Gregory Mueller Agreed. The Priority Inbox sections are getting tweaked shortly to address that. This is step one of a monster series of upgrades over the next few months.
Is there any reason that this should feel faster? Maybe it is just a fake perceptual thing, but I swear gmail is loading messages faster now.
It's because white pixels weigh less :J
On an unrelated note, I'm trying to add employment dates to my profile. Seems I can't specify just Month + Year without an error? But it was happy to display just "6 - 2" for the date range!
I really, really like the new themes. Personally LOVE the dense option. Would like to see some darker color variations on the dense theme. Excellent work sir!
but my right-hand chat is messed up...crunched in half and can't see people's full names...
Super! Will Google Reader get an updated design too? :D
Google Reader absolutely needs Google+ integration!
Nice new themes. Would prefer a "denser" theme and option for choosing different colors for different areas and buttons (May be?) (Asking for too much??) :)
+Jason Cornwell I like it & switched to use Preview (Dense) main problem for now is that I'd like to have clearer borders between modules.
Gr8 work!
I'm also missing my "send & archive" button, I loved it so much :-(
I agree with Eitan, the dense preview theme is great, but I'd also like some kind of border between the modules (even a 1px border)
I don't like the left bar in GMail, it is really big now, it should be a bit thiner in my opinion ;)
Been using it the last couple days. Love the new look, but would like to see the Dense version even more so. Feel like it still takes up a whole lot of space, especially with the priority inbox. And yeah, Reader next, please!
The new look, especially Dense, is beautiful!
Great work, man. Overall I like it. The more important elements pop out. I was put off by the disappearance of borders but I may be getting used to it.
One thing that could be improved, imho, is all the whitespace. I'm using "Dense" and it doesn't feel dense at all. With the Google border up top, the big search area, the large buttons and all their whitespace, it's a couple inches of my screen before I see a thread title. Also lots of whitespace on the left. It's more calming, I suppose, but I would like the option of an "Extra Dense" or "Crazy Dense".
I noticed the same issue in the new GCal. Is that thick search div a high-up decision? The apps feel less like apps with it.
Give it a week. Seeing slightly fewer messages on the screen doesn't actually make you less efficient in any meaningful way. We've found that for most people using a theme with more whitespace for a week resets expectations. Personally, when I look back at an older theme at this point I find it painfully, unacceptably cramped and hard to read.
That's fair for Gmail, but for Calendar, looking at the monthly view and being limited to just one entry per day and the rest being listed as "+X more" just doesn't work. It makes that view almost useless if you have a busy or shared calendar.
I'm more a fan of really dense text and not a fan of whitespace. Otherwise loving the design though.
I'm afraid I don't really like either of the preview themes for gmail's new look. The non-dense one just wastes far too much space, and even the dense one seems to waste a large amount of space between components. I don't need a ~50 pixel margin between the left of the window and the tag list.

On my 1280x800 laptop it just didn't seem to fit enough on the screen at once. I found zooming out by two "clicks" from the default in firefox made it more useable. I dread to think what it'll be like on my netbook (1024x600). I'll see what it's like when I get home on my desktop.
I totally agree with Paul. The new look wastes too much space. Please, let us keep the old look too!
PRECISELY as I suspected. I said, I bet anything a "CODER" made thist.
I mean no disrespect in anyway...I KNOW Carnegie Mellon University is NO JOKE...
(Penn State--no comment--can't without making my blood boil).

however, what's ironic is this "hit" my 73-year old Dad before me, and almost made Gmail unusable for him.

I really don't understand what (if any) is the road map for this? It reads as if it's a "Book" vs. Email. And when I read email, I want to quickly login. First thing I do is whatever "spam" Google didn't catch...I mark as spam, (and Google is AWESOME 99.9% catches it..some reason lately getting more..but anyway).

Next "subscriptions" don't feel like looking at-just click them out (they're already in a folder I can go back to)---
Then check my starred items, then rest.

there is nothing easy about this. It's as if "some kid" at Code Camp made this.
How is this an improvement? (and I mean that with respect...Obviously you learned something somewhere that drove this decision)

I mean, even Facebook (in a threaded discussion has a Horizontal Rule.
And, in the News Feed (appears to be at least 2-line breaks..didn't view the code...but looks like it. ---just viewed it, yep, lots of line breaks there.

At the VERY LEAST...why not have some DARK grey line break between each email.

Someone mentioned "tight" above....That's what I've been taught...and what I like...I mean, you go listen to a Band, you want them to "sound Tight", you read a book (excluding "Infinite Jest")---you want it "tight"---to roll, and roll with a purpose.

I just watched your video again, why is "Display Density" Hidden. EVEN AFTER watching the video...could not "see' where (I tried clicking the wheel beside my name...and went all into the settings). The Irony, I have a BRAND NEW Samsun 23' Monitor (and I"m having to get use to how "bright" it is....that should be MUCH easier to see.

And one person on this thread could not find it either (so is an issue)--as I"m sure you are aware "Most" of the people using Google+ right now are the early adopter geeks.

Such an important function, why not up above?

Of course, I "get it"--I see where Google is going. The Tabbed bar up above will soon be native to "the Google Experience"---s

I just can't comprehend why Gmail would do this. I''ll continue to "revert" until I'm FORCED into this mess I guess....

This seems nothing more than the Post Box project in your Portfolio .

Was this part of the Portfolio Google Zero'd in on they liked?
+Java Rookie The new design removes unneeded clutter and brings Gmail in line with Google's new overarching design aesthetic. It keeps the primary actions, search, your chat contacts, and your unread count visible on the screen at all times. Along the way, we added new themes, added new ways for users to configure and customize their experience, and made a bunch of changes to enhance legibility. Increasing the spacing between messages was one of those changes. We know that some users like yourself will prefer higher information density, so we went out of our way to make sure that this is customizable despite our conviction that increasing the line spacing is better for most users. We prominently highlighted the option in the introductory dialog as well as the video.

You might want to check out some of the other themes if you find the default to be too bright for your tastes. Look for the other theme options in the gear menu in the toolbar.
Jason, I am a very disappointed user of the new Gmail UI. I have being loyal to gmail since its very first beginning, since we were no more than a few thousand users. I have recommended GMAIL to hundreds of users. It was simple, fast and above all reliable, user friendly and accessible. I am not going to discuss about personal likes or dislikes, but the new GMAIL UI has serious usability problems and is very tyring to the eyes as there is a complete luck of contrast visual information organization. Also email text area some times force the content layers in way that when you write, you are force to do all kinds of unnecessary scrolling. Honestly I think you have given away simplicity and good performing code and accessibility for the sake of design. Is a shame because the main reason I always liked Google in general is because they did not surrender to design stupidity. If I can not revert to my old gmail UI I will end up closing my account. I hope Google has not become so arrogant to ignore that there are a huge number of unsatisfied users with this change, I hope Google will listen and correct this terrible mistake and I wish we are not facing the beginning of the END of Google driven by success and arrogance instead of common sense and simplicity which was its best value on all applications..
By the way WRONG "It keeps the primary actions, search, your chat contacts, and your unread count visible on the screen at all times" . The most IMPORTANT is my EMAILS and the RELATIONS BETWEEN THEM as per "conversation leads" DATES, ATTACHMENTS, ETC The previous interface had it thought nicely. The new one seems made by a monkey that had never worked with an email client in REAL WORLD ENVIRONMENT. Sorry but the guy who has done this has not understood the nature of MAIL WORK.

Why changing some thing that is good and has brought great success to google into some thing that is pure marketing. WRONG WRONG WRONG. I miss the beauty and simplicity of my old Google. The one that had that nice balance between function and performance with no unnecessary design compromises.
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