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Jason Corl
Dreaming, Building, Improving, Living....Engineering, Is there anything else?
Dreaming, Building, Improving, Living....Engineering, Is there anything else?

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Why doesn't mark as read while scrolling always work on web?

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hey everyone, please take a minute and have a look at our new product, the Helion Dominus 10SC, your support in the voting competition would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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I've been using ActiveInbox to accomplish this and it is great. Anyone else not able to get the keyboard shortcut "L" to work for bringing up the label menu?

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still testing out +Box solution for my company, Its clearer the more I use it that although they may have more advanced eterprise solutions availalbe, their sync technology is far lagging +Dropbox in both speed and efficiency. Box sync service is constantly running either syncing or indexing taking up approx 9% CPU and about 215mb RAM. Where as dropbox rarely takes up even 1% which is few and far between and takes up only about 60mb RAM. Oh and the upload/sync speed of box is ridiculous! I changed 2 files yesterday that took over 30min to upload/sync. the total file size...under 1.5mb for both files!!!!! seriously. I'm on a 25 up/down connection. How do companies survive with this type of quality?

At lunch with my wife. What a great day!
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