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It's our (the Linux community's) failing--not Amazon's--that one cannot install this software from three years ago on any current distribution. Would have bought some DRM-free music tonight but can't figure out a way to do it that doesn't involve installing a VM of Fedora 11. #fail
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You can do it with Banshee. By using Banshee, you would help GNOME Foundation at the same time.
Sadly, it doesn't work. Apparently, it doesn't support album downloads because only some of the albums of artists--those that don't contain booklets or album bonus tracks--don't show up. Anyway, the point is that we have a platform problem--as in, we don't have one.
There's an open source command-line client for downloading the cmx files, if you still need to do that. You're right though :/
it's because we convinced people that "proper" Linux app development has to be tied to packaging, and that all dependencies ought to be system-level dependencies - which obviously backfires when apps depend on libraries like boost which are really meant to be bundled instead, given their constant ABI changes.

+Jason Clinton I use the Banshee integration with Amazon all the time to download albums, even the ones with special content like booklets.
+Chris Lord it's called clamz. I used it before Banshee got the Amazon integration, and it worked pretty well. obviously, it's CLI, so meh.
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