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I was spending some time researching the lead wedge some times found in scales of straight razors and happened upon this. Found the first chunk an interesting read, definitely have to find time to finish it up but for now I'm done with breakfast and need to get to work.

Usually I side with unions and the working class but man I gotta tell you Bart workers I think those riders who made it possible for Bart to actually put some cash in the bank deserve cars that are not decorated with piss sponge on the inside that dates from 1984. Not to mention a service they can count on every day.

Everyone wants a fair wage and all but playing hardball negotiator just makes you look like an uncaring aggressor.

Maybe you guys can meet in the middle... Please...

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Crocodiles on a plane?
Officers in Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi International Airport recently discovered 11 live otters in unclaimed luggage.

Smugglers get creative in their attempts to sneak wildlife past airport officials.

In my book all paper mail is hate mail...  Why do we still get this crap?

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Interesting.  Energy, I wonder where it's take us.

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Where is the emotion where you crave noodles and miso paste?

Thank goodness longer days are coming!

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For those of you who maybe following along this evening...
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