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NOOOOO!!! Yeah, the networks are killing them slowly where they can. What would happen if they actually looked at all available metrics to decide a shows viability? I checkin to shows and movies, but I'm not pulling a cable signal. I'd sit through a commercial that was unobtrusive if they weren't dicks about it.
I think they should be willing to re-negotiate. The earth is shifting under their feet.
I watch it on Hulu+ so I have no idea when it actually airs.
Maybe it's the advertisers who refuse to acknowledge the other metrics? Or undervalue the other areas like Hulu so that the networks in turn don't care?

I see NBC shifting to an ABC and CBS mentality of making comedies: Highly rated, but lowly reviewed (by critics) like 2.5 men and Big Bang Theory. More mass market style.
The ratings for it have been pretty bad. I am surprised it was renewed.
I love Community, but it's not really a show I would care if it was cancelled. Not really as if there is a 'plot' or a story line. It would be sad yes.

That is why I stop watching shows on TV that have a plot. I wait until it is totally finished, read how it was stopped (cancelled?) then decide if I want to watch it... at my own time and pace... with no ads.

I'm tired of great shows being cancelled or run into the ground.
+Mark Prewett I agree with the "worst" sentiment. Fewest amazing episode count so far. 
+Stephanie Munson I'm worried the talent drain, including the possible loss of Harmon, will hurt it. Though maybe a change will be good for the show. 
I also watch on Hulu and must admit the last two episodes were mostly misses. Sad, because when it does an episode well the show and cast really shine.
NBC has already said that the next seasons of Community, 30 Rock, and Parks & Rec will be their last, and each will be only 13 episodes, so the timeslot means nothing. 
Last I heard, they only explicitly said 30 Rock was going to be the last, but not for the other two. 
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