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Gmail 2.0 for iOS is here. They FINALLY added multiple account support. Unfortunately I can't download it! I don't know what it is about Google apps on the App Store, but more times than not, there are download issues when their apps appear.
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It wouldn't download for me as an update initially. So instead, I searched the app store for all Google Inc. apps. Then I found Gmail and tried updating from the result (instead of from the update page). It worked. 
I really like the new/clean interface.
Awesome - I provided some value!
It probably is just a coincidence that it worked, but hey - whatever works...
+Troy Miller Awesome, that worked for me as well on the device itself. Thanks! (I was trying it on the desktop and it kept failing, so it only works on the iPhone or iPad, I think.)
Happy for you guys. I kinda wonder if there are Apple ¨native¨ apps that get the same treatment in the playstore? I would not call it consipracy but it is kinda funny what I read here.
Just uninstall the app and re install again..worked for me..
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