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Why Chinese restaurants in movies look the way they do. Pretty interesting.
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so this guy is saying that there is a market for over-the-top chinese restaurants in NY? this may be an opportunity... :)
In other words Hollywood location scouts are stereotyping jerks?
Nah, I wouldn't call them jerks. Everything in movies is exaggerated for effect. It's not that interesting for anything to be set in an "average" location, so they want something that's VERY Chinese to accentuate the fact that it's a Chinese restaurant. Makes it easy to tell right form the first glance where they are and the mood they're trying to set. 

Something similar is the diner set used in a lot of movies, which is actually only used for movies cause it's so stereotypically a diner set. There was an article on it that I can't find now.
If they want something "very Chinese" they can go to China. :D  Or maybe not. Chinatown (SF) looks nothing like China. The decorators in the 1970's went wacko with the "dragon lamp posts" and such. It's "more China than China".

If location scouts are looking for that sort of location for a Chinese restaurant, then they are looking for caricature / stereotype of Chinese restaurant. 
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