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a bear fell from a tree after being tranquilized...... and someone took an awesome photo.
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I was wondering if he hit concrete or not.
If I didn't know it was in California, I'd have guessed it happened in Australia. Ahem...
Trampoline bear! Trampoline bear! Trampoline bear!
Hurry up Yogi, Ranger Smith is next!
That must have been an awesome party....
It's just fallout from the great Bear Wars of 2027.
Ah so thats what happened - a bear had too much beer whilst on a hover board
This is going to be very hard to explain to Mrs.Bear.
"mama bear: Who's been getting bouncy bouncy on my bed????"
Isaac Newton admitted to A&E after a bear fell on his noggin
Don't show this to Fox. They will create a new reality show "When Bears Fall From Trees"
Yes they deff did this is epic 
Haaaa....such a pitiful looking fall.
hahah wut in the world is the bear doing is it drunk and fell out of a tree
amazing,! its like the bear is jumping..
i feel rather sorry for it o.O
Has anyone read Mr. Bear Squash You all Flat.
really in a tree? couldn't they of waited for it to be on the ground or something.. :-(
That's a stop motion photo from the film they shot. The news folks have been showing this actual pic while showing the film view. It did happen rather quickly.
Now the bears have become tree jumpers. lol
that bear due to angle of shot looks like he was having a Matrix moment....
wow bear tree is havin a matrix moment
Great. Now I'll have that Jackass-Theme stuck in my head for days...
I can hear the bear from here..."FUUUUUUUUUUUU!"
"Hey Boo Boo I'm feeling a little strange..."
What a change! I thought it was the cow jumped over the moon not the bear jumped jumped over the tree
All you have to do his believe! Just hold onto a happy thought in your heart, and you can fly!
I would rather look at this pic of this than anything from the kardashians!!!!!!!!!
hahahah. awesome picture
Pedobear+George Mcfly = This bear. Now the guy needs to hit him with the car, and the rest is history, err past, whatever :P
its quite sad actually
he llooks like hes trying to be superman in a failed attempt
whoa twenty minutes ago it was thirty comments
bear? is that what they are calling it these days?
that makes me wanna cry ........:(
poor bear is about to realise that he is not in fact a gummy bear
LOL THAT PICTURE IS SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YIKES that bear must have been so tramautized!
i hope nothing bad happened to the bear...
"gjsrtammc," because sometimes words cant capture the thought.
how sad for the bear but awesome photo of the bear falling
wow that picture is full of win xD
I hope whatever they are catching him with is strong enough to hold him!
Hahahaha!!!! Looks like a flying bear!! Poor bear tho...hope it didn't hurt too much ;)
looks fine, theres a cushion under it
Reuters is reporting that this is a drunk circus bear named Lenin . And this is the fourth bounce.., t he first three were much higher..
nope it isnt - its a plane, no its super bear!
He must return to his people
Lv Mac
What is this? suicidal grizzle bear?
is that a real bear if so poor thing
that's looking fake...
ooorrrrr, the cops have discovered how to levitate bears in order to check random trees for honey bees and their nests. Raw honey is the bombdiggity.
Where did that picture take place TD bank north in beantown after the Bruins game 7 loss to Washington? Dont hate I am a Bruins fan.
it looks like the dude in the black is all calm lol
Right place at the right time....
After the bear fell, he was interrogated whereupon he admitted to being an impostor. He was no bear; he was a Republican incognito trolling for women.
they are going to pull the mattress away???
thatthat kinda looks wrong?? rite am i rite or wattt???
that bear is kinda cute
His butt is going to hurt in the morning.
I'm comiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing fellas!
Oh! I heard of that on Yahoo the other day.
A drop bear! And we thought that they were only in Australia.
that bear must have bounced 20 feet
Dang that probably scared someone espically a little kid
I am so sorry about the bear. I hope that it is alright.
looks like he Bearly made it.
That's an awesome photo. But I hope it's not hurt :o
Wow.. That's one serious mattress.
Leon Li
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T. An
Or is it a trampoline...?
Hey Boo Boo.....Are we having a Pic A Nic?
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Yep, thats defo a great shot. Is this the bear that wandered into the campus??
Something tells me the angle of that mat is going to bounce the bear onto the sidewalk....
Looks like he's jumping on a trampoline. "And now for my next trick..."
i dont believe that bear is feeling any pain hehe
Raj ck
cinma stunt shooting
Oh boy you can Photoshop this into some greatness
No one cares if the bear broke any bones or anything? Smh
That was a prank I pulled. It's me in a bear suit.
I agree.. This is hard to look at.. poor bear
That was so funny I saw the pic n the first comment n I laughed so loud I woke my kids up
I certainly hope the poor bear didn't break every bone in his body!
"Up here in my tree yeah" Eddie Vedder
That was so funny I saw the pic n the first comment n I laughed so loud I woke my kids up
So glad they put a mat down for him.
My god! Is it OK?
Is this real? PETA in 5, 4, ....
It happens more than u think +Donna Carnes his weight and size it's like us jumping from 10 ft or so.

If anything he was more scared than the people.
Poor bear i wonder who could have done such a cruel thing
thats a funny pose there bear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL:-)
Sweet Photo. Poor Bear though :(
Saw this on the news earlier.
looks like one of those stuffed animals that you spend $40 on trying to win at a carnival or some guy in a bear suit.
They set out cushions for yogi to land on.
Gummi bears, bouncing here and there everywhere. High adventures that are beyond compare.
I know this was done to protect the bear ... but I hope that the bear was not injured in the fall!
I like to believe the bear is a kung-fu bear attack the cop with a flying kick.
If this was meant to be funny.... It wasn't.
Leo T
I read a news clip on this saying the bear wasn't hurt. I'm not so sure. Those mats they used were just from the clubhouse gym there at the complex, not some stuntman's professional equipment. How many people would be ok falling 10-12 feet deadweight onto some flimsy mattress? I know I'd be f****d up. Jus sayin.
Leave it to Samuel Warman to ruin the party by being a douche.
Someone needs to make this a meme. I want to see a wookie falling from the tree...
Why does the internet keep getting pics of me?!?!
SHEESH! I'd hate to be on the under side of that bear when it falls I don't want to be squished.
Abi Cd
Whta is this
good timing,,, skilled photographer..& unlucky bear...
One does not simply ...fall from tree
The tranquillizer had no effect at all. The bear thought "what the hell, I'll jump - it looks fun".
if the bear is still somewhat awake still its probably thinking "look ma i can fly!"
1st saw this photo on Twitter.. hilarious lol
Flyer bear that's another way how yoggy would take the food Lol
is a good photo......
so good....
is a good photo......
so good....
Is that the bear falling, or after first bounce?
So was this really a bear or some drunk in a bear outfit stalking the girls dorm?
And I thaught it's a bungee jumping....
It looks baby bear at least 9-10 months old. What he is doing in this area.
must have been a Slumberland mattress
Aww...Poor Bear, should of took lessons from Yogi, but maybe that is a bad ideal.
use ta do this all the time back home....
I wonder if it hit the concrete if it did poor bear
Lizzy H
The pic looks funny, like someone photo shopped in a near.
he looks like he is stuffed!!
what else could you do? Its better than killing it. poor things gonna sleep tonight.
Shot with tranquilizers and dropped from a tree(?).....been there, done that.
The BEAR will be perfectly fine. HUMANS are AWESOME!!!!
And this is not the first bear to fall from a tree or rooftop 
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