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This is my circle of 310 developers.

By creating this circle and sharing it I understand that each member has gotten 100-500 more followers--in a day! awesome.

I read this circle in order to find interesting things.... because developers have their fingers in the gunk and muck and good stuff.

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is there a different circle for android developers?
Any chance of a photographer's circle, +Jason Calacanis ? Of course I'd love to be in it (you are in my cereal entrepreneur circle :) ).
Wow, I just added this circle to my already 500+ circle of developers and apparently none of these people were already in it. So now I have a dev circle of 800+ :O
Great Cercle ;) i love it then i plus it ;)
+JR Cook are there any C#/.Net developer specific circles that you know of? I haven't found any via search.
Given any thought to splitting this out into smaller, language-specific (or platform-specific) circles? It would be nice to have some fine-grained control :)
Front-end/UX developer for CityMaps (big day for us btw - we just got a nod from Scoble today!) I'd like to be added to this circle as well.
Throw me in there, C#, PHP, java(script) on
also added, would like a re-add. what do you call a developer who figures out solutions first, and implementation languages second?
a best developper ;) +ralph tice always solutions is the first then think about what language to use for do it ;)
I know a fair number of developers but I'd nominate +Jason Coward and +Shaun McCormick to your list. Chief Architect and Lead Developer (respectively) of MODX Content Management platform.
+Jason Calacanis You could put me in. I'm a developer as well trying to get an interesting audience here in Google+
I'm a developer as well, astonishingly enough. I just don't tend to post a lot of developer stuff to the g+.
Please consider adding me to your circle. I write iPad apps and am attending your LAUNCH Pad conference. I write mostly on my blog, <>, but am expanding to include G+ in my daily routine.
I'd be interested in being in this (I've already added it) - primarily a PHP dev working with Zend, but I do a fair amount of other things on the side.
I've took the shared circle to go through and see who takes my fancy along with one or two of my fellow comment-ers

Please feel free to add me to any developer circles and if you'd like to be in mine I have general web and SEO circles :)
heyaa.. i am a html5/js/php dev! add me please :)
java, php, c, c++, html5 developer... and also Electrical Engineer..
add me
Android (Java), C#, VB, C++, C, SQL, HTML/CSS, etc., etc., etc. for over 30 years
Could you please add me: Java, Ruby, and about 50 other buzz words I could list out.. :)
Another web games and mobile games developer, can you please add me? Thanks!
30+ years a developer here, +Chris LaFleur I have an even larger list of Android devs if you wnt me to share it.
Hey +Jason Calacanis I'm a web developer and work with html, css and javascript, could you add me to this circle? Thanks
hey all... i just got to know about your amazing shared circle... m also a small developer but really enthusiastic to grow with you all.. 3+ experience in Web Development and did a lots of projects,,, I know not enuf but want to enter... :)
Interesting list! Thank you for putting this together +Jason Calacanis This is a helpful list for my research as these are great resources for news and updates. If in case you keep track of #cloudcomputing updates, I like the updates from
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