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New research shows that sugar not only will give you diabetes and make you fat, but too much will cause cancer tumors to grow and fill your arteries with plaque that causes strokes and heart attacks.

100 grams a day or less (a 20 ounce bottle of coke is close to 70 grams of sugar).

60 Minutes:
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junk and fast foods are secret population control measures
No. What gives you diabetes and makes you fat is eating sugary processed foods and sitting on your butt all day at your desk. Obesity is only a new problem because our lifestyles are all sedentary and we don't eat real food.
No. What gives you diabetes and makes you fat is eating sugary processed foods and sitting on your butt all day at your desk. Obesity is only a new problem because our lifestyles are all sedentary and we don't eat real food.
Looking at the last 100 years, we've eaten the same amount of protein, less fat and WAAAAAYYYY more sugars and carbohydrates of all kinds. Our activity levels are actually not that different, and that part has been studied. The tricky thing, that people are slow to say, is that we have to get over our misguided fear of fat, bring it back into our diets, and cut down on the sugar.
Xylitol for the win. I'm about to put it in my cat's drinking water. 
The picture is misleading. Most of those baggies should contain HFCS, not sugar.
Because our government subsidizes the hell out of corn. They put it in everything.
Deborah Gordon, you're wrong. From 1988 to 2008 the reported no leisure-time physical activity decreased by 31%, to 28% in 2000 and then to 25% in 2008, according to the CDC. So yes - we are doing less physical activity. That's just in a couple decades I'd hate to see 100 years ago, but I'd guess it's even more drastic.
HUZZZAH! I say,@Anne Sturdivant , hence the IOWA Caucus....dem canidits love permoten the kern!

There are so many other things out there so much better for you! Yet we settle for convenience, but I AM A GUILTY CONSUMER
+Erik Bates I totally agree. I don't want salt in my water either. That's why I don't drink bottled water, not to mention the fact that the so-called pure spring water comes from our backyards.

I live in Portland, and Nestle's latest conquest is in the pristine forests of the Cascade foothills near Mt Hood. They want to harvest our spring water, bottle it up, sell it back to us, make millions of dollars doing it, and take no responsibility for the tons of plastic bottles polluting our world.
Hey Nicholas, thanks for the precision of your answer... I guess I meant to say that it doesn't at all account for the huge increase in the numbers of the moderately, actually, and morbidly obese.
Hmmm... not sure that's example is correct... :)
dammmm lol i aint ggona dirink none of that
Deborah, it's a combination of things. It's the fact we eat way more processed foods (which are typically higher in salt, fat and sugars than their natural forms). We eat too much (a can of soda is actually 2 servings, for example). We simply don't need all the calories since we don't move around as much as we did in the past. Evolution has made our bodies very efficient at storing food. It hasn't caught up yet with our modern existence where food is marketed and packaged for convenience.

I appreciate all the "studies" people do - but if we as a society collectively used our common sense I think we already know why everyone is so obese. Food corporations don't want you to worry about it though and do whatever to make sure you stay uninformed or confused -- sometimes these studies become fads and vehicles just for that sort of thing. It's like how the fashion industry changes fashion every year -- food industry changes the "trend" every decade or so.
+Anne Sturdivant I'm with you on the water thing, but I have the added conundrum of having a water filter in my house that actually adds sodium. Haven't figured out a way around that one yet, unless I get rid of the filter. And I know we're supposed to have "good" water but I've drunk it without the filter and it doesn't taste so good. Has sort of a "dirty" taste.
I think it's just a glare in the water bag that looks like sugar
The amount of sugar in beer is irrelevant. The sugar is not refined like those in soft drinks.
Hi Nicholas... I guess we're a little bit talking about two different aspects of the problem. How we got here, and what do we do about it. In 30 years of medical practice, I only have found consistently good weight loss results using the wisdom gleaned from the work of Gary Taubes, Eric Westman, Peter Attia, Michael Eades: getting people to eliminate the carbs, which means they MUST increase the healthy fats, makes a huge difference in weight and well-being.

One line of "common sense" suggests that it's gluttony and sloth which make people obese and I have been well convinced by Gary Taubes mostly, that this argument just doesn't fly. The can of soda you talk about has been a huge component -- I'm not sure if it's #1 or #2, but HFCS is certainly a main source of calories in the US SAD (standard American diet). But that just underlines that it's carbohydrates that are critical in causation and cure.

Have you read GT? Does he convince you, or not?
sugar tastes nice so i don't really care any way im only 11 years old. or am i .......?
Did they say anything about snorting pixie sticks?
ha water doesn't have any, but thats good anyway
Beer is not shown here.
But the ingredients in beer are turned into sugars that your body processes. Beer will never be good for you. I didn't say it wasn't tasty.
Is this saposed to turn me off my drinks because I see no problem here
Yes, it's just the glare that makes it look like it has something. The bag is empty.
+David Collantes it's because if you don't expand the picture the bottom right hand corner of the water back is reflecting light, and thus when thumb nailed looks to contain Sugar.
Your link is for a 40 second teaser clip and you have to watch a 30 second commercial to see it.
i drink 4 ltrs of pepsi in about 3-5 day, plus every other day i have 2 or 3 cups of espresso with about 6 shots each, with a couple of oz of syrup, plus a whole lot of other junk food, from chocolate glazed donuts, chips, candy, ice cream.. only time i'll eat actual food would be during dinner.. i'm of average weight for my size, 135lbs, normal cholesterol, haven't gotten sick (dispite the fact i work around people who are sick n work around sick people) in more than 8 yrs, i can hold by breath under water for 3 mins, recently i did a walk from 5am to 11pm n i ride my bike just about everywhere i go... sugar are stored as fat and fat is converted into calorie and calories are converted into energy that the body uses... artificial sugars (splenda, sweet n low, equal) take the body 3x longer to use because the body doesn't know how to use it. unless u are a diabetic because they process sugar n starch differently.. if intake of sugars are higher than what the body uses, of coarse its gonna cause problems.. n daily value varies from person to person. n i always thought diabetics was inherited through genetic..
+Khürt Williams actually if you read the studies and/or watch the videos they explain how natural fruits are high in fiber, and fiber blocks your body's absorption of sugars...which is why natural fruits are good for you even though they have sugar.

and +Cheryl Curtis beer has far less sugar than sodas. Beer actually uses it's sugar which is converted into alcohol by the yeast. So you're getting less sugar than drinking a soft drink. The negative part is that alcohol can cause other foods and calories you intake to be turned into fat because it takes priority in being burned down by your system.

and +Anne Sturdivant / +Erik Bates research honestly does not show that HFCS is worse for you than sugar. That's mostly "common knowledge" which is inaccurate. It's the molecule fructose which is bad for us, and it matters not if you get it from HFCS or "natural" sugar. They're equally damaging.
wow thats crazy sugar is that bad makes me change my mind about pop
I would drink all of those right now, plus eat all of the sugar! Did I mention I just ate cake in a cup too?
its the same story everywhere in the world..its due to our sheer ignorance of our health that the major hazard in the world isnt war but diabetes and cardiovascular diseases..
Sean you sound like me bro. Bring on the sugar!!!!!
well, my sugar intake is a lot.... i just drank 2 ltr bottle of soda, 2 espresso with 5 shots each, a muffin, half a pizza, whole large bag of chips, a few donuts n a pint of ice cream.. n 2 bagels.......thats been my diet for awhile... just to think of it, my diet has been like that since i moved out of my parents house 8 yrs ago... n i haven't gotten sick in 8 yrs.. I had heavy health issues before, but after moving out, i haven't seen a doctor since, except the time i got hit by a car.. n got bit by a brown recluse in which case the doctor only gave me pain killers, no antibiotics or anything... i didn't even take those pain killers..
Jason, I cannot agree with you more. The drinks we were sucked into, food we eat(take out fat, add sugar)- processed food- stay away from it! Need a solution with the proper nutrition? try this out:
Never drinking Mountain Dew AGAIN!
Deborah, our active lifestyles have completely changed over the years! We don't farm, we don't hunt, (most of us) don't eat at the dinner table every day, (some of us) make ourselves exercise because our jobs don't usually require that much physical activity. 
I'm pretty sure people who drink Mountain Dew and Big Gulps from 7-11 aren't too worried about their overall least in real life, their WoW character's health is probably important.
Ok, go ahead and drink red bull, and end up in the hospital with heart palpations- proven face! a friend was drinking monster energy, ended up in the hospital for a couple of days because of the junk in those drinks. The one and only natural, no crash, and get paid for it , is Monavie EMV.
I used to drink soda, but I took an arrow to the knee...and saw this picture...
Omg seriously- this is scary, never drinking an energy drink again! I never thought it would be that much sugar :S
I knew this article was sensationalism from the title. No, sugar is not toxic. It is an energy dense naturally occurring chemical compound. It's only bad for you when your consumption outpaces the capacity of your body to utilize the energy. It's like saying cars are bad for you because if you drive at 150MPH and wrap your car around a pole, it could kill you. Driving irresponsibly is dangerous, driving is actually convenient and helpful in many circumstances.
theres a difference between natural sugars and the sugars in these drinks (such as high-fructose corn syrup)
Eric M
TYPE 2 DIABETES!!! And even then, that is only one of many causes. I am a type 1 diabetic which has nothing to do with what I ate. It is random and much more dangerous. Type 2 is sadly more common, but only sometimes they can do something about it. Go to or for information. This is a common misconception that I want cleared up. Type 1 sucks, and I'm sure type 2 is also hard.
There is also a difference in the quality of sugar you are taking in. Conventional table sugar has recently been derived from a genetically engineered sugar beet.
Raw sugar from cane is not going to have quite as harsh of effects on the body as those sugars derived from GMO(Genetically Modified Origin) sugar beets or corn based products.
There is sugar in damn near everything we eat and buy from the grocery store, unless you purchase organic. Just look at the labels, you may be surprised.
That's a lot of cocaine...
Has anyone ever heard of "moderation" Is this another case of everything with sugar is bad. How about not sitting down with a six pack of Mountain Dew and drinking it all at once.
according to the CDC, we are suppose to get 9-13 servings of fruit and veggies a day- go to the store and see what that would cost you. I drink my fruit, all natural, no chemicals, picked when ripe, not gassed , and I get between 13-30 servings a day, no sugar, artificial flavors or anything- and I feel GREAT!!!! Take a look at it can save your life!.
+Richard Slayton , you need sugar or you won't live long. The trick is to keep it under a certain level and eat naturally sugar based things rather than refined sugar things. I don't eat too many fruits because of the sugar. I already get enough sugar from carbs. I eat more veggies.
hmm, well now i now why i <3 mnt dew...... Lol
Ian G
we live in a pencil pushingjobsworths obsessed world on what to eat what not to eat and if you eat this one minute its bad the next, loads of food stuffs can cause cancer etc including high dosages of medication, everyone on the planet has some form of cancer in their systems there be good n bad bacteria too. But i agree with Eric Myers, its not sugar which gives you diabetes, so stop believing the crap and find out the real information and then post the correct information.. Type 2 can be controlled via diet and excercise and even medication. i had tests and was diagnosed last year with Diabetes 2 and was only monitered, last week after further tests of blood samples.. and water sample i was given the all clear.
I need to say something to people about high fructose corn syrup. First off, fructose is a natural sugar. In fact, it is the main sugar in fruits. People often complain about wanting regular sugar instead of HFCS.

Well, regular table sugar, sucrose, is a disacchiride made up of two if fructose and the other is glucose.

When you ingest glucose and fructose, your body will deal with it. We have enzymes to handle them. When you ingest sucrose, you break it into its subunits and then digest it as normal.

As for people that say natural vs artificial fructose....carbon is carbon it's all natural. The reason we are getting fat is because we are getting lazy. You could extract the fructose and use that to sweeten your drinks if you like. Eat too much and you'll still get fat.
+Daniel Thomas I honestly have a hard time finding any information on this difference. HFCS breaks down in to the same constituent parts in the stomach as table sugar, so I don't really buy the argument that they are different in any way that matters nutritionally. Do you have any data? I'm open to being proven wrong, but it seems like the real problem is the ever increasing amount of sweeteners in food, be they sucrose or HFCS. What, for instance, is the nutritional difference between a can of Coke with over 40mg of sugars from HFCS and that of an "all natural" bottle of lemonade with over 40mg of sucrose in it?
but i love sugar sooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!
I drink like a gallon of mountain dew a day!!!!!!!
(obvs exaggeration!!!) :'(
This is why I adopted my strict policy of snorting all the sugar I intake. That's much better for you. Right?
When did they start putting real sugur back in coke?
lulz my friend is a Moutain Dew addict.
yeah but beer still makes people FAT!!!!!!
blood sugar stabilization with exercise, the right amount of carbs and protein, nutrition is key. Eat every 3-4 hours, when we miss, our bodies burn muscle, and when we over-eat, that sugar turns to FAT!- Period! Fruit has the natural fiber our bodies need to help digest the natural sugars, and not store as fat. If you are heavy, I invite you to get on the 90 day RVLution from Monavie, and loose it for good.
Wish I'd have never seen this. I have a Red Bull here that I've been craving all day and now I feel guilty even considering it.
+Silas Ray I can actually answer that question, 40mg of sucrose would give you about 20mg of glucose and 20mg of fructose. 40mg of HFCS, 30mg fructose and 10mg glucose. In short, no difference. (These numbers are just a quick average and do not account for the fact that HFCS is 24% water)
personel i drink too much pepsi,how can i prevent my self from these bad things
Why all a sudden this is such a big deal Wow!!! Americans will eat anything edible..old news !!!
refined sugar is poison. It is not just about being fat. It is about slowly destroying the system of your body that detoxifies you continuously. The liver, kidneys, adrenal system are all thrown into dysfunction every time you over indulge in sugar. Alcohol is made of sugar, you wouldnt say that alcohol is good for your body, would you. Good for the mind, perhaps, in moderation.

I gave up refined sugar and beef about 9 months ago. Beef from America is a disgrace, but that is another story. I have lost over 15% of my weight, I believe my vision has improved, my sugar levels have modified greatly and I just feel so much better. That is subjective as I dont see doctors much since I have no insurance.

But bottom line is; it is your health, take charge and live healthy or take your chances and believe what corporate institutions who provide us with all the modified, overly processed food products like pink slime and twinkies tells us. I am not saying the stuff isnt tasty I am saying sugar kills in much the same way alcohol does. Just think about it next time you are giving your kids candy...
+Barrack Stubbs So the only possible differing impact on health between the two (of consumed in equal quantities) would be the differing effects of fructose and glucose in the body. So if fructose is less healthy than glucose, it seems the choice is eat sucrose-based sugars or HFCS sweetened products with a sum total of 2/3 the sugars and a glucose supplement...
+Allen Janz First off, Alcohol isn't made of sugar. It's made of alcohol.

Second, I agree. People should take charge of their own health. When I see things like this being discussed, I don't listen to the government nor do I listen to so-called nutrition experts. I listen to science.
+David Stickney Well, fermenting. But yeah. Bacteria convert sugar to alcohol. In our bodies, we convert ethanol to acetaldehyde and then to acetic acid.
seriously does everything u eat give u cancer
Hey that's what OBAMa Health Care Plan for right?? Big Fat Americans!!
1). Some sugar is better that alternative sweeteners in my opinion.
2). Cancer research is a joke. Living gives you cancer. Being alive causes you to die. Medicine is not the way for enlightened beings to sustain themselves. We need to do more research on self healing, not getting pharma companies rich.
Its not about corporations and governments getting rich; its about them gaining and maintaining control over the masses. Look closely at how everything we do is monitored between using electronic currency, "rewards cards", the creation of the internet and social networking sites.
The sugar molecule, man made by refining a water cane plant, is almost identical to another man made refined molecule from a cane plant, cocaine. The complex molecules only differ by one bond.
Reading some of the comments, the truth comes out much more clear than the original post which has a questionable amount of truth to it.
Sugar - Rather generic term. Cain Sugar? Potato? Corn Sugar? Yes, it does make a difference.
Sugar clogs arteries.. No it does not.
Sugar alone does not give one cancer. It is a mixture of poor diet, poor exercise, polluted environments, and poor mental health that cause cancer. (Genetics also plays a role.)
Why do we eat so much junk? It's usually cheaper than eating healthy. In some cases, laws prevent selling "good" foods so that some company can make lots of money selling the crap. It is sad that our greed based economy has that much bearing, but at present that is how things are.
I do wish you were more honest in your OP, but thanks for pointing out the problem and clearing things up in comments!
+Gene Robinson Do you know why sugar is addictive? Ever heard of the phrase "We don't like sugar because it's sweet. Sugar is sweet because we like it." ? That'll tell you why we like sugar so much
Joe stop with the political rhetoric. Michelle Obama pushes for safer and healthier food everyday. She will change FDA lazy policies...
Just a spoonful of sugar will make you go down after feeling so up.
Barrack we LOVE sugar because body needs it. But to stick to the point AMERICANS are ADDICTED TO TOO MUCH OF IT!!! 
how much sugar is in whole milk
perhaps too much of everything is as bad as too little...
When you think about it, how many people see this and swear off mt.dew and red bull for life? I mean, really, people not knowing what things do to your body is not the issue. The issue is that nobody cares.
wow! really puts things into perspective...good job I only really drink water :P
Self-moderation would work if we only knew how much sugar food contained...
What's worse; sugar or aspartame?
Mountain Deeeewww!!!! I love that stuff!
....this will put Sugar refinery out business. Not good America, more jobs to loose!
theres sugar in water?!, why sugar? this is the most disturbing thing of all, i mean water is water, but, this particular brand has sugar, how wrong is that
That's a bottle of water on the left WTF is up with that? I'll stick with the alkaline water from my home ionizer, you can have the bottled crap
There's no sugar in chocolate, right? right?
I cut out sugar and lost 80 pounds. Sugar is addicting and I had a problem with sugar and processed carbs. Now I am working on my masters in counseling in hopes of becoming a food addictions counselor to help others.
+Barrack Stubbs That's not true. We never lost the ability to moderate ourselves, we never had it in the first place. We evolved in an environment of scarce, often poor, and unreliably available food supplies, so all our systems are oriented towards acquiring and consuming as much of the most energy dense foods we can find. It has nothing to do with losing an ability to moderate intake and everything to do with modifying our own environment such that scarce, generally low energy density, and intermittently unavailable food sources have been replaced by plentiful, high energy density, and ubiquitous food sources.
+Silas Ray Then this is no longer a debate about sugar. It has become a debate on human psychology. I'm a Chemist not a Psychologist so I wouldn't know what to say.

However, it makes sense that we have surrounded ourselves with plentiful, energy dense food. We needed a way to help our survival
+Barrack Stubbs Exactly. We've altered our environment faster than evolution can keep up with. Though since natural selection-based evolution is only directed by reproductive fitness, diseases that don't take people out of the reproducing population until after their prime reproductive years would leave us reliant on some form of artificial selection. Or the natural selection described by a trend towards fat people and others with food intake control issues not being able to successfully mate...
i don tlike that kind of choclate the only things on there i like is Water or Mnt Dew :)
Only problem +Phillip Steed with your view point, is that somewhere along the line someone else will have to take care of you for the 2-10 years it will take for this stuff to finally kill you.
+Silas Ray I would still count this as natural selection. There is evidence for a genetic link to diabetes. Who knows what'll happen in 5 generations
Sugar/Salt is good.Human's body NEED sugar/salt,just DON'T abuse it.
That is so true, I used to drink a Pepsi or Mt Dew two ot three a day. Now I have Typ 2 Diabetes.
Interesting, it actually shows the comparison.
The leftmost bottle looks like a bottle of water. And yet the baggie underneath it seems to have a rather significant amount of white powder in it.
New research is now backing up 150 year old research on sugary/starchy foods and health, news at 11. Find nearly any book by Gary Taubes to learn all about it.
What's missing there is a McDonald's milkshake. 
+Ross Bagley, I guess it is not powder but an effect due to the light shinning on the crease of the bag. You see it better when you enlarge the picture.
That's true. but wait... What about artificial sugar??? all media are promoting it as it was the perfect thing in order to prevent diabetes i dont think so...
ummm why has the "pure" spring water got sugar in it?
We always want to be responsible for our own actions. Information given to the consumer is a key in here. No-one can make a good decision if it is based on fake or misleading information. Then there are limits to what we can expect consumers to do in terms of investigation on what we eat.
1) I want to KNOW when I am eating/drinking high Fructose corn syrup or anything else that is not clearly sugar.
2) I want to KNOW when I am eating/drinking GMOs
3) I want to KNOW if anything is added to a "pure" drink/food
not in 10,000,000 years. Between a fear of height and love of life and determination NOT to make therapists or orthopedists rich, don't think this is for me. But more to ...
that's why we should drink more beer :)
Been drinkin Water, Beer or wine only for about 10 years now, Oh yea and Black cofee 1 1/2 cups a day
Wow... Look at all that free cocaine you get with the purchase of a 20 oz mountain dew
if there was that much sugar it would soak the liquid up haha
Sam Lau
All things in moderation...
Dav Bob
Sugar gives you diabetes? WOW I must tell the doctors on the ward where I work because it is commonly held by diabetes doctors and in fact the world health organisation that diabetes is caused by genetics and lifestyle choices..........
BLEH! I hate soda stings my tounge
well obviously the the one with more is better... i could pay 1.25 for nothing or 1.25 for something? easy choice.
We have the answer! BEER! We're practically giving it away!! Well it's 1/2off today only at Flippin Vista!! That's right 50% off!! 
check out a book called sweet poison and the sugar in beer is ok as it is maltose
Well I'm fucked, I have already eaten 6 easter eggs and its not even easter yet. :)
Good job I only like water!
WOW i knew that sugar was bad for you but i did NOT know that
WHOA well I don't really worry cause i mostly drink water
wish there was some legal drinks sold at 7/11 that would kill you instantly to control the population in a better way :D
+Carol Lynn Rivera i dont know what system youre running now but you could always try a micron filter and reverse osmosis combo. That will take the sediment out of your water pretty well but its kind of a bitch to maintain if you're unfamiliar with water treatment. Also consider that the human body wasn't designed to handle pure H2O and so if you dont get enough salt into your body pure water can be harmful in large amounts if you work out ( get sweaty ) often. Btw micron filters come in a bunch of different sizes. Good luck :)
This just in. Research appears to just make people stupider.
i have no idea wat u just said but it sounded freaking awesome
Where's Starbucks...? More people drink that. Lets see what that amount is. Poor Starbucks, still always left out of the picture.
Adam M
I drank soda daily for years and never went above 180 pounds. Sometimes entire 2 liter bottles all by myself every other day. I still am not fat, do not have high blood sugar, and am free of tumors and plaque in my arteries. I'm not saying you should drink more soda. I'm just saying this research is clearly not proof that these habits will absolutely have these effects on everybody.
sugar+artificial sweetener+ hi fructose corn syrup= mtn dew
it is impossible to wake up dead because when your dead you don't wake up
I remember my health teacher showing us something like this in 5th grade. Ahh, memories.
Brian P
What! No sugar in water.
The level of scientific illiteracy on display in this comments thread...
Yum Yum! Dont forget to sprinkle the sugar and drink the red bull. get some pepsi max and diet coke for drink. salt and vinigar crisps and rice crispies a bag of sugar and multesers. lion bar and time out are good to eat with a chocolate spread sandwich. please enjoy ya meal!
wait so water has sugar in it? EWW!
I'm sorry but I can't make out the brand, is that a bottle of water on the very far left of the picture?
Wait so water has sugar in it? EWW!!!
This is just like The War On Salt. Scare science not based on fact. All marketing.
Free your mind!
*re-thinks his drink* that''ll be a triple JD please, not a double sir.
Yeah the corner of the bag is folded... theres no sugar in the water
how much sugar is there in pixie stix? because i like to fill a bottle of water with pixie stix to make it taste less like water and more like... well a pixie stix.
Everything in moderation. If you drink choke or Pepsi all day, well what do you expect? Your body beefs water, so drink water.
i like red boll so i think i will stay with it
Amy R
What about fruit juice?
Same thing. Sugar from fruit isn't any better.
get to think abt drinking water, wao! Such stuff sounds shitty.
Old Research shows GLASS BOTTLES are easy to recycle and don't add dangerous chemicals that cause free radicals to your drink. Press your drink manufacturers to GO GLASS for you and the environment
I will mix mountain dew and red bull and chase it down with some freakin kool-aid if I want. Then I will sit back and relax with a nice cigarette and surf the internet. When it's my time to die, I will die. But I will enjoy myself along the way.
I'm not saying that it's ok to drink the Red Bull or Mountain Dew, but I'm sure if you looked at the consumption quantity on the can it would say two or 2.5 servings. People need to develop better self controls.
Holistically inaccurate given that if you actually dried the solution far less syrup is in the bottom, than the hanging baggy of white table sugar attached to these products. Never mind very few products are manufactured with table sugar. Author should hang a baggy from standard 2qt container of Orange Juice, as good as it is for you, the amount of natural sugar in Orange Juice makes Mountain dew look like cool aid in comparison! Try Apple juice if you like seeing a jaws drop to the floor!

That being said, when are people going to get it into their heads its not the sugar itself that is the enemy, it is their own personal bad habits and metabolism. You're body breaks everything down into sugars, proteins and minerals. So if so much of what you eat becomes sugar, and you remove everything from your diet that contains sugar, breaks down into sugar, then, you are Starving yourself. Get the picture?

Idiot... "Is sugar toxic?" If sugar is toxic than he should be dead. You cannot live without sugar. Sugar is what every cell in your body consumes to produce energy. Without it, you cannot live. What that idiot should have been saying is that chemicaly altered sugars, for example corn syrup, may be toxic. They really should stick to the truth rather than propaganda. Im all for seeing our fat country shape up, but unless they are trying to sell some new synthetic food supplement... This is not the way to help the country... Eat sugar, get cancer, get diabetes, get heart disease... False.

It is very much idiotic to declare all sugar toxic.There are several types of sugar. If some one wants to start a war, they had better be sure to be specific. Glucose, Fructose, Galactose, Sucrose, Maltose, and Lactose. How they differ is in the arrangement of the alcohol on the ring. Different sugars have slightly different construction but all are based on the carbon chain linked with an Oxygen. Theory sugests that chemicaly processed sugars are contributing factors to disease and indeed this may well hold truth. But no, not all sugar is Toxic. What absolutely uneducated statement.
I hate this crap it makes me want to go on a basic ass diet with little or no respect for my taste buds. Lame! Is it really necessary?! I mean even the water!
The water bottle doesn't have any sugar in it
salt and sugar intake have really really increased over the years.

they trying to kill us all !
Fresca is the most refreshing fizzy drink in a can that I have ever tasted and it has 0% sugar.
I'm from Texas and all we drink is Dr. Pepper.
If interested, I sell XS Energy drinks with NO Sugar and NO Carbs with only few calories and 14 flavors. Loaded with 4900% Vitamin B12 (which is the natural energy boost). Check out my web site for this and more great products for our health. www.FishingForHealth.BIZ
Right But you cant tell me how much you drink a day nobody really follows that rule anymore
Dude- it's not the sugar. It's the high-fructose corn syrup from GMO corn that's making you fat and diabetic and no heart-throb.
I can have whatever I want to have. That's not the main problem. The main problem is that people aren't physical enough to burn off those calories and THAT'S why they get fat and all of those other bad things. And if you do eat sugar, I recommend that you not only try to workout, but eat a small portion of it. You should look up this stuff somewhere else and not on wikapedia ( It has false information )
Aspartame is much worse for you than sugar. "Sugar free" usually = poison.
HFCS or "Modified Corn Starch" and the stuff in diet drinks hits every "i'm hungry" alarm in your body big time ...nothing satisfies that better than salt and grease ....and lots of it.
I think sugar in this article should be referring to refined sugar rather than all sugars. Natural sugars are ok, found in fruit and veg and non processed meats etc. Man mad crap.. forget it.
Wow, even plain water over the pond has sugar in it!
The 60 minute story was a hit piece. I don't know were to begin about how bad it was. The scientist interviewed kept saying foods with sugar are toxic. He has to know better. Just about every food stuff known, wheat, corn, rice is made of sugar, although it's polymerized. Foods with High glycemic index are the problem. That's sodas and candy. If you don't understand glycemic index read this:
There's also been research into sugar substitutes such as aspartame that says it is one of the factors leading to dementia and Alzheimer's. Tell me which one you'd rather have, sugar or a substitute? I'd like to go with the real thing, if you choose to eat it in large amounts that's on you.
+Joey Miller HAHAHAHAHA. I tested your research and have unconclusively come to that same resolution. 
is that true no more sugar kids
i tell my sons that,but they don't listen!
yeah... sugar GIVES you diabetes like alcohol GIVES you cirrhosis. The idiot that drank too much GAVE it to HIMSELF. Fat idiots give themselves diabetes by consuming TOO MUCH sugar and burning out their supply of insulin. Too much of anything can be harmful. Its not the product or substance its the idiot that can't use it in moderation.
Who cares just as long as u r patting some ppl wish they had some sugar to eat it is better thand nothing
Besides, the bottom line here is that as individuals we are going to do whatever it is we are going to do. I like beer. I'm going to drink beer. I know what "they" say about alcohol. I like beer. I'm going to drink beer. If you want to live longer then do what you think is appropriate in order to attempt to achieve that goal.
that is not kool about the pop that is a lot of sugar
well maby you should care i think taht the schools need to stop and im 14 you know. the schools serve these sodas called izzes and they are so good but you should see whats in them its rediculous and serving choclate milk with 25 grams of sugar thats like giving a baby jolly ranchers and leaving the bag there. i myself have been eating bad but i always top it off with salad yummmy sooooooo sooooooooooo good anyway goobye
I read all comments and was thoroughly entertained. As a kidney transplant patient I try my best to keep my sugar intake low. I do it for health's sake. Live life! If you have no serious illness or chronic condition, then do whatever you want! I certainly would.
Although sugar may be a contributing factor to this idiotically-named "obesity epidemic," I believe the leading cause for obesity is not necessarily what we're eating as a society, but rather the insane amounts of apathy, depression, and sheer laziness. Of course fast food isn't as healthy for someone when compared to other alternatives, but to blame the fast-food companies and franchises for being main contributors to obesity in the United States is ignorant.

I think the main issue is that now, with all the technological advancements and increasing indulgent hedonism being endorsed by the media and famous, the average American doesn't have the motivation (or legitimate reasons) to get off their fat asses and do something. Nowadays, most of the popular entertainment that people find amusing is quite literally "just a click away." It would only be natural for a human to take the easiest path and if the individual is seeking pleasure, then [he] would almost always pick watching TV or getting on the computer instead of playing with a half-inflated basketball in the backyard.

I may be completely wrong, but from my personal observations, I'm pretty spot-on. Now, health concerns with certain substances (e.g. Aspartame, high fructose corn syrup, etc.) is another matter. I'm speaking exclusively on the issue of obesity in the United States and what may be contributing to it. Take it as you will, or considering the topic, with a grain of salt.
No more sodas for me lol now that I know it can give cancer I'm not having anymore..even though they're so good ;) I also need to lose my pregnancy weight ;)
I don't care about cancer I want to be fat sugar 4 life :)
Yeah, I'll stick with beer and Jack Daniel's.
Brought to you by-The Nicholas and Deborah show...
Why does US bottled water contain sugar?
yes but does the common US public understand the difference between bad sugar, corn syrup, and good sugar, cane sugar?

You probably do not even not be blind JC ask a local biochemist from UC to explain it to you
Interesting data, I never thought I am swallowing a bag of sugar when I drink soda.
Wow!!! Not to mention I read that salt causes cancer also. Who knows what else is in it. I might have a soda a couple times a year.
there is so much sugar in everything!!!!!!
I love sugar! I'm 42, and still living.
I think you mean sugar CAN give you diabetes and CAN increase the chances of developing tumors. Not WILL. No way.
well duhhh water has the less sugar thats y its a childs less favorite drink
Jim A
Be careful of research. Those studies are made to say what they want, even if it means tweaking the data.
Your worried about sugar? What about the flouride in the water?
fluoride occurs naturally in the water
Everything in moderation. And if you consume sugar, try to consume natural sugar. Processed sugar is difficult for your body to break down.
at first when i saw this i thought it was crack or something
+John Hillerman , some people like flouride in their water but i like water in my flouride.
OH GOSH!! That gives me an end to those drinks!!!
Give this bit of research to my classmate!
Yes a good book to read and do is sugar buster!,,,,,
oooooooh give me the mountain dew (jk) lol !!
Let's debunk this fallacy.

Sugar alone isn't responsible in much way at all for Diabetes or more accurately & more specifically Type 2 Diabetes.

Misuse of sugar over long periods of time will contribute to Type 2 Diabetes.

A brief definition of Type 2 Diabetes is here =>

Type 1 Diabetes is an attack by the Immune system on the Pancreatic Cells responsible for the production of Insulin. This occurs as a result of the Immune system being corrupted & detecting these Pancreatic Cells as something the body needs to be protected from.

Whatever you eat needs to be balanced with good exercise. Some foods need to be considered carefully & disciplined portioning applied in regards to their consumption.
Jon Kim
Vitamin water & flavored water have sugar. Other waters don't!
is that real Vitamin water & flavored water only have sugar. Others waters don't!!!!!!!
I am so glad that my household does not eat a lot of sugar!
So apparently fructose and sucrose are now bad for you (i.e. the stuff found in fruits,honey, and sugar beets).I don't buy it. Now, if you're just eating concentrated spoonfuls of it at a time, you aren't supplying your body with any actual nutrients, so your body has to use nutrients and resources from healthy cells to break it down.
to understand how much 70 grams of sugar is, try to put that much sugar in your coffee.
What's good for one person can kill the person next to you. Haven't you learned anything from Lewis Black people?!
Neha B
but i love mountain dew
You seem to draw a lot of conclusions from some very preliminary studies yet otherwise intelligent people are quick to agree. May I suggest a deep breath and a refresher course in the nature of the scientific method of inquiry. It might be useful for us all.
You can drink a river if you want...u still gonna be all about lifestyle, no exercise, junk food...
everything has sugar in it.... well most processed food like products and it is not good for us
A new study soon to be published in the New England Journ.Med. seems to support the finding that too much sugar is (in the words of the principal authors) "a righteous PITA, fer sure!"
And what is the difference between added sugar and naturally occuring sugar? If sugar is not good for us, then cross off fruit from your diet, and don't vegetables also have natural sugar, as well as grains? This latest discovery that once again demonizes sugar would have us all on a meat-only diet, or how else avoid this deadly sugar?
Being fat or getting diabetes isnt just eating wrong or not exercising...there are some hormonal conditions especially for women that can cause can work out every day and eat right but still put on weight and have inc chance of diabeties or insulin resistance...just sayin...
How do I save this pic so I can share it with some one??
water is the best,
..not to mention the caffeine 
So how are we gonna survive?watsup with this six sugar?
There are plenty of chemicals in most foods people consume today,and many more that cause more than cancer,list is to vast to list here!
Ayurveda has been telling us for 5000 years that food causes our ills
Sugar does NOT give you diabetes. Dipspit
see, alcholism ain't so bad after all!!!!
It's very importent for helth, thanks jason.......
Whether sugar or not what really matter Ȋ̝̊̅§ Ђδω perfect we can work or cut down our sugar intake by doing regular exercise that help keep every organ of the body in shape.S̶̲̅☺ stick to what Ȋ̝̊̅§ best  U̶̲̥̅̊ and stop the argument.
aimee C
Stopped drinking carbonated n sugar added drinks long time ago :)
So TRUE!! HORRIBLE SUGAR contents. I'll stick to My H2O :)
Wat is that I have to cut down on kool-aid
Hint your body needs sugar to run. Your brian cell can only process glucose ie sugar. Your body will break a steak down into sugar. Look at the krebs cycle.

People just need to be more active and watch their portions they consume.
Tony B
Why are people always so amazed that sweet drinks contain all that stuff? Is it not by now common knowledge and common sense not to drink too much of that crap?
And the LAW say i can not smoke weed! but i can legally kill my self with sugar!! Damn what a country.
i couldn't care less, i'll still be drinking a mountain dew on the beach this weekend. i'm a teenager, that stuff doesn't apply till i'm like 30 :)
if u embrace islam u gonna be non fat person if you are complaining on fatness coz we pray 5 times and fast sme times on mondays so plz embrace today to khnow the fact or test to be
مهسا جون کست رو بخورم
It is eyeopening even though the only drink I drink for the past 29 years is green tea without sugar.  
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