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Every time I log into Google+1 I have 500+ new people sharing with me.

I'm adding 1-2k a day overall. At this pace I think I will have more Google+ friends than Twitter in six months or so.
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I'll pass my Twitter follower count by the end of next week at this rate.
It will grow better than linearly :-)
I would love to see that kind of growth.... but for little ol me - I will take what i can get....
at half of twitter and FB in less than 3 weeks :)
I already blew past Facebook, and in 5 years of Twitter I only got to 5k ("only..." hmmph, yeah I know...sorry) did't hurt!
I have certainly more than in Facebook but what is more important is I have more engagement here.
Hey Goodluck to you. By the way, I went to Xaverian High school also.
I already have more than I have on facebook, which i'm quite surprised about!
It's almost impossible to keep up with (and they tried to tell us it was in a "beta" - ROFL
imagine christmas card season though. writing to each one.
Hey Jason... What is the easiest way to add Multiple people to your circle here? One at a time? or is there an easier way to add more people all at once?
If it makes it any easier, I can stop sharing with you.
DNA mail. DNA mail. Everybody loves DNA mail!
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