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Wow... the new Google+ is really gorgeous. Well done +Vic Gundotra, +Bradley Horowitz and +Sergey Brin. I heard Sergey did the CSS. :)
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It's much more lightweight and the design is easy on the eyes.
I agree it is well designed and easier to navigate!
Yeah awesome except now my "All" circles feed will not load - just says "More" and I about "Some"? Submitted engine was SLOW - guessing they are getting a lot today.
Agreed, don't understand all the negativity.
I find it is much easier to interact with posts and makes me want to engage more - bravo to the Google+ team.
+Bradley Horowitz you are persistence personified! The promise of Google Buzz has become realized with G+, and you guys are iterating faster and better than anything I've seen from +Google. It's very impressive. Now, get +Kevin Rose to sex up the mobile app!
Finally. Now this is what I was expecting-
That right column is a total eyesore.
or just close the deal this time with Path and really sex up the mobile app. :)
as a minority right-side tab bar user the increase in width is annoying. Don't mind vertical scrolling, but horizontal scrolling is a pain.
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