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I now have 91k followers on Google+

some observations:

a) I use Google+ as my primary social network right now, syndicating my posts to Twitter and Facebook.

b) When I share a link I first share it on Google+ THEN I share it on twitter/facebook so that folks can have a conversation here about it. so, G+ is intercepting (or is a way point) for all my sharing. Why? I like to have discussions about stuff and Google+ is 100x better than Twitter and 25x better than Facebook for discussions.

c) Twitter sends 2-5x more traffic than Google+ with 35% more followers. Facebook sends no traffic as it is designed to be a roach motel: traffic goes in but it doesn't leave.

d) At this pace I will have more G+ followers than Twitter followers in < 6 months. Wow.
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Plus Google+ is going to kick Flickr away, soon.

I'm a photographer and gave up using Flickr and Facebook,
I already outnumber my Twitter followers 5 to 1. Of course, I don't have the # you do.
Wow! 91k??? Impressive. We may have to do an occupy between us 1k and the 91ks
+Jason Calacanis . I cross post on Facebook and on Google+. While I don't have anywhere near the following you do quite yet, there is a very very stark difference in my posts here vs. My post on Facebook. Even when my Google+ numbers were much lower than where they are today, I was still, like you, getting 25x more discussion here. I haven't figured out if it was just designed this way on purpose or if the crowd is just that much different.
I don't understand the logic +Jason Calacanis if twitter is sending up to five times as much traffic with only 35% more followers why would you not use twitter first?
Are any of those new, or are they just the same set of technorati that follow you no matter what network you're on? Hard to base assumptions on successfulness of G+ using a web celeb like you.
After checking on my google plus after a week away, because I simply forgot about it I have to think its just a ok social network. I am a regular user of the internet who has a interest in comic books and tech. I still find it so funny when folks have to take a side in some sort of social media/website war. Just enjoy these free services and call it a day.
+Jason Calacanis Care to explain how you syndicate G+ content to FB and Twitter? Do you use some app to do this (in the likes of hootsuite) or do you do it manually?
I have been suspicious of G+ followers. I have a third as many followers as on Twitter in just a few weeks and with only 3 posts? Doesn't make sense.
What are you using to syndicate to FB and Twitter?
Following someone on G+ seems more personal and dynamic. The content feels more rich, and the community more engaged.
+Jason Calacanis Thanks for the tip of how to deal with posts across different social systems. I think I'll point my facebook/twitter people to my G+ post too.
You are right about that! Plus, Twitter is becoming a place for people to admire the sound of their own 'voice.'
Congrats, 100K is near, you deserve it :) Seems it's normal to reach old standards here in record time. Well it's Google and it's backpacking existing sm platforms, so...
+Kamal Kyrala I just checked ifttt and was a bit lost on which tools work to create a G+ to FB/Twitter relationship. The missing element is G+ from what I can see 15 seconds into exploring it.
What is the use of having fallowers? I'm wondering because I don't use socail networks very often....
Thanks for sharing those numbers !

I really like the part about the roach motel :)
Interesting numbers, considering +Kevin Rose cited numbers showing much higher engagement on Facebook, with G+ coming in 2nd followed by twitter. Wonder why his numbers are so different. 
There's no support for G+ on IFTTT. +Jason Calacanis , how are you syndicating across FB and Twitter?
+Selina Tynes Your question about his stream is off. He'll never have all 91k in his main stream. The current limit to the number he can circled is 10k, if he wanted to circle that many. All the rest (in other words the people he doesn't circle) go into the Incoming stream.
Is there a way to crosspost from Firefox?
In other news: Google+ traffic plummets by 60% after a lousy 1200% increase at its public launch. Wonder how that's going to affect following/being followed...
This is why it's good Google didn't allow people to send their Twitter/Facebook data to Google+ in the beginning. They want it so you export the Google+ data to Twitter/Facebook, not the other way around.
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