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cool Thomas Edison vs. Nikola Tesla Infographic... with smack talk :-)

Someone should make one of +Larry Page and +Mark Zuckerberg

+Jonathan Briggs Alden says source is
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Rob Go
Edison looks like Old Balls McGee.
Tesla for the win! Double pts since he's a Hrvat (Croatian).
hmmm... between your posting and my reshare of this the infographic has rotated 90 degrees
How can you possibly compare Tesla and Edison to Zuckerberg and Page?
Thank you Sir Nikola Tesla.
Edison, later in life, described his stance on DC as the biggest regret of his life. Also interesting to note that Edison did not think home radio would be a big deal. Still, Edison was a rare genius.
Nikola Tesla was Serbian born in the former Austrian monarchy, he was not a Croat.
Edison: "Genius is 1 percent inspiration, 99 percent perspiration."

Tesla about Edison "...a little theory and calculation would have saved him 90% of his labour."
Nino AC is used in car motor ignition systems.
+Charles Wisdom The ignition just pulses DC to the spark plugs when the cam is in the right position. It doesn't actually use AC. At least that's my understanding.
I love AC/DC... Jail Bait, all of em.
Edison routinely took credit for the work or others, including Tesla. He had a whole shop of inventors whom he would pay to invent for a living, and he would take credit for it, hence, over 1000 patents.

Tesla, was an absolute genius. He was ahead of today's time, much less his own. How he figured out some of the stuff he did, is beyond me.
Tesla was a true artist, and his medium was electricity.

Edison invented "General Electric".

There's, essentially, no comparison. They are from different realms.
Mmm DC current is better for long distance transmission... cool storey bro
Both of them were mad scientists! Tesla more so.. There was a documentary about both of them that I watched a few months ago on History channel. In summary, Edison was also a businessman and Tesla wasn't.
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