My "Techcrunch-killer" is starting to hit three or four posts a day and getting 3-10k visitors a day. A respectable start in my experience (that's where engadget, joystiq and cinematical all were after two weeks).

I've got three full-time writers here in Los Angeles and I'd like to double by the end of the year. Hiring only fresh out of school folks i can mentor to success.

My original thinking was I would need a big, brand-name writer like +erick schonfeld +MG Siegler +Peter Kafka +Rafat Ali +Marshall Kirkpatrick +Staci D Kramer +Alexia Tsotsis or +Robin Wauters to anchor the brand.

However, we're getting a ton of exclusives without a big, brand name writer.

Maybe I don't need a big brand name editor to make LAUNCH competitive with @techcrunch? Maybe i just need to pump out solid editorial every day for a year with six hard-working "kids?"

What do you think of the mix so far at ?

We've been really focsued on a mix of solid profiles of startups that haven't been covered on TechCrunch, as well as interesting industry tidbits that point to a larger trend.

We've stayed away from TechCrunch's biggest stregth: deals/funding. We simply can't beat Michael Arrington at getting funding announcements since he's threatened folks with banishment if they don't give him that information (according to multiple reports). I'm not willing to threaten fellow founders like Mike to build my brand. zing! :-)
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