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What the hell is wrong with these people? Republicans are really showing their true colors and don't care about perception anymore. Favor the rich and corporations over the public. Seriously, how can anyone with bran damage even consider this ?

Welp. It is now time to sell all my stocks before the market crash in the morning.

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My Lunar Eclipse Pics
Lunar Eclipse
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Brian Harman makes two holes-in-one at the Barclays  -via ESPN

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Much respect for Charles.  He nails it...

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I might just pick this up. Sounds like it might have some good tips for GoPro users. I'm always looking for ways to improve the quality of my projects
A huge shout out to our Creative Director of Media Bradford Schmidt and Senior Editor Brandon Thompson on the publication of their awesome new book, GoPro: Professional Guide to Filmmaking.

It's 300 pages filled with hundreds of jaw-dropping photos and stories about the art of what we do at GoPro.

Learn more:

Photo of GoPro athlete Kelly Slater

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ESPN picked the wrong person to rip-off.  HAHA

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About to flip out on these idiots!!! 

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Damn!  This guy got an incredible shot of this...

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This car project is very awesome and taking it to 2015 24hrs of Nürburgring is also awesome.  Even more cool, Jame Glickenhaus reads and post comments on articles on his own cars!  Jalopnik FTW!
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